Thursday, January 7, 2010

Still Thinking....

And so, another day has gone by. My two daughters are now 16 and 17, and we still have a little girl about to turn 5 soon. Yikes! Too much in a short amount of time. Not to mention my step kids birthdays coming up just as soon...

Whelp, today we rented "Inkheart", which I still have not seen, because the girls and their friends have been playing the Wii all night. It's really funny, though. And fun, too! Since today was Stacy's birthday... first she wanted to go to a basketball game, then changed her mind. Then she wanted to go cosmic bowling, then changed her mind. Her final decision was to ask if her friends could come over and if I could make pizza. Sure. And so... they had a Wii party! They are still playing and eating pizza. It's great that they prefer homemade pizza over store-bought or ordered pizza. Much cheaper to make, too. With about the same wait time.

Earlier, I let my 4-year-old and 16-year-old put makeup on me. They thought it was fun. I'm not so sure... I am still feeling a little weary. The little one poked me a couple of times and the 16-year-old has not completely learned the art of applying makeup to another person and nearly brushed my eye out with the eyelash wand. At first I had the Joker's version of lipstick... all over... But then the elder showed the younger what to do with the lipstick. And now it looks oh so much better. Phew! Glad that one is over with! However, the little one is wanting to do it all over again... soon.

Every Thursday is laundry day in our household (unless it falls on a holiday, then it gets done on the Wednesday). Today, however, laundry started much later than planned. The girls didn't sort theirs last night. I didn't wake up until almost 11a.m., and then I had to sort mine and wake the girls up to do the same. Laundry did not get started until around 12... Usually, it is almost done by that time. Today it is sluggin' through. I'm tired, and not really in a hurry to finish it up. Plus... I'd like to wash what I have on, so I'm holding off for the last two loads, which will probably get done tomorrow. Vacation is over next week, so it will be back to normal and no sloughing it.

Routines are nice sometimes, but a small vacation is good, too... even if it is in your own home. Staycations are the awesomest! There is nothing to pack up and nothing to take. Everything is right where you put it in the first place, and when your staycation is over... everything is still where it should be! Yay! I believe this is the way to go. At least it was nice this time. But, it will be good to get back to the old routine and feel "whole" again. I feel more like I have purpose during the routine moments. Otherwise, I just plain feel like I'm wasting time, which I probably am. But hey! It was good while it lasted, and now it's time to move on... lol!

Maybe next week I'll get some ideas what to write about... hmmm... comments are always welcome, but then again, I seriously doubt anyone is reading this.

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  1. I like your staycation word lol. And yes it's true. It's less stressful. More power to your blending family efforts


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