Tuesday, January 6, 2009


First off... HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU!!!

Secondly, I wish all of you all of the best for the new year to come, and all there is afterwards.

Yeah... I know... It's been a while... since last year, in fact! LOL! So, we did the Rose Parade (very cold!) and Rey's birthday, and took down Christmas... I've been working so hard on doing a slide show for the Rose Parade for all of you, that I haven't had much other computer time.

Oh! I know it's not hard... the problem is, there are lots of pics, and my computer keeps freezing, doesn't save it, and I have to start ALL over again! I will now be working on my 6th attempt, and boy is it time-consuming.

Also, I've been exercising. I finally started another blog yesterday called Losing a Little Lisa? so that I can actually track my efforts and journal it without boring you (for those of you who just "don't want to know"). Otherwise, if you do, feel free to click on it. The link is also to the right on the sidebar.

I will still be doing crafty things, too. I've just been doing the usual "New Year" re-organization. I seriously need to get rid of all these boxes! I have to "move" too much stuff to get to what I want, and it takes too much crafting/scrapping time. What a waste.

Anywho... I will try one more time to do the slideshow, probably later today. Otherwise, I may just have to go a different venue (I'm currently trying Smilebox). Blogger has one, which goes into a side bar or gadget spot, but I was trying for a spot within a post. Anyone have any other ideas (I don't want to do PowerPoint, though... haven't done it in years and am really kind of afraid of trying it again... lol!)? Comments are always welcome!

Off to skoot my butt, now! Toodles for now! lisa

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Thanks for sharing the luv! Feel free to look around to other posts. I so appreciate you stopping by and commenting. Love to know you were here! Have a happy day!