Friday, January 30, 2009

OMG! I finally made 2!

Pages, that is... It has taken me a couple of months to get back into it. I began by making cards. Thanks to Amanda (of Scrapbook BINGO!), she has motivated me to create something. I really want to win a Cricut Christmas Solutions Cartridge, so I'm doing ALL of the challenges she asks for. This last challenge was for a layout (not a card) that use 3 Cricut Cartridges. So... Here is goes!
I've had this layout "planned" for quite a while, just never executed. It may be a little "gaudy" or pink for some of you, and the colors are totally not my style, but I was trying to get the true vibe of the Quincenera (15th Birthday Party [Coming Out] of a girl). This is the two-page layout.
I had so many pics, I had to do accordion photos. Then, since (duh me!) I put the accordions on the left-hand page, they tend to fall down when closing the album, so... I had to ribbon them up with a tie.
Marissa kissed a lot of people that night. So, I got a little "Kiss Me" action going on. I created this heart using the Coluzzle templates with my own twist. I folded the cardstock, then cut, folded and cut, etc., allowing a total of three hearts that one folds over the other.
One of the 3 Carts I used was "Happily Ever After". The frames of the two accordion albums, as well as the Spanish version of Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) were created using this cartridge. I love the way the oval frame surrounds the doll (muneca) and makes it appear to be a mirrored image.
Another was "Opposites Attract". With this cart, I made the letters that spelled out "Michelle's Quince" and "[15]". I sponged the fluorescent pink letters with a dark pink to make it blend a little more (but with a little bit of pop) with the layout.
The final cart used was "George and Basic Shapes". "The Princess & Marissa" was made from this. I left the title alone in a light pink shade. I thought it looked pretty good.
And of course... I had to use Stickles. I Stickled the crown and the necklace of Aurora in Diamond" and used Cotton Candy for the flourishes surrounding the one title and around the folding heart album.

Thanks, Amanda for pushing us to get our things done! Gotta go clean up my mess... Toodles for now! lisa

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  1. This is BEAUTIFUL!!!! I happen to love pink so it's not gaudy at all in my book. I am amazed by all the interactive features you included!!! Do they go in page protectors? How do you let people 'interact' if they are? I once made a hidden journaling box and I never did again because I couldn't stand the thought of someone pulling the layout out of the protective layer. LMBO...I'm weird I know!!!


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