Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tips and Quips... for the Midweek

I didn't do anything really creative today except make chicken soup and homemade rolls. I have been diligently exercising, writing in my weightloss blog, and cleaning out my garden areas, getting ready for springtime (yes, it comes quite early here in Southern California!). So, maybe I have been neglecting you all here, but hey! I've been scrolling and reading for ideas... so I thought I'd give you all a little sumpin' sumpin' to tide you over in the midweek.

Thanks to Jenn at Scrapbook Bingo! She found this incredible site for all of you who like to do challenges. The Daily Dare boasts "Take the Challenge... We Dare You..." and compiles a list (with links) of all of the creative blogs posting challenges every day, so you don't have to do a search or scroll of your faves. You also (as Jenn says) don't have to remember which ones do challenges, or what day they do them, as TDD does it for you! btw... if you don't like to "check" blogs so much, they also have a e-mail sign up via Feedblitz, which I highly recommend. Thanks again, Jenn (love the rhyming!!!). Also, please don't forget to check out Jenn's blog, too! She is ultra creative.

Another tip was provided by Doreen (also of Scrapbook Bingo! fame...). Have you tried super duper hard to find Dew Drops, Skittles, or other type of mini "glass" (actually epoxy) gems only to find they have been discontinued or prices uber-raised? Look no further... you can make your own with clear hot glue and (if you want to color them...) alcohol inks! The directions are simple and easy, and you can find them here. Much more inexpensive than the hard-to-find storebought ones, they can be sized to whatever you wish and colored however you wish, as well! Woohoo! (In the photos... The "Robin's Nest" drops are purchased. The light blue ones are homemade!) Thanks, Doreen for the site, and thank you Lindsay Weirich (The Frugal Crafter) for the tidbit. Your blog (and creations) ROCK!

Ok, folks, that's all I got today. It has been busy for me, since I'm trying to stay busy and spend less time-O on the computer (lol... don't we all have that problem?). And with teenagers' activities and an almost 4-year-old... you know how it goes. So... Toodles for now! lisa

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  1. Thanks for reminding me about that dew drops tip. I had been searching for that email! :)


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