Tuesday, April 8, 2008

YAHOO!!! Who knew? and another ALERT!!!

For a bit of the morning, I have been trying to access my Yahoo account. It is "freezing" anytime I click on an e-mail. I assumed it was my computer. However, I am able to log in here and type this... as we speak! (LOL!)

For those of you who are nearby, or who would like to support my swimming kids, or even our team... SHOUT OUTS! are due today. Also, so are team/program sponsors to ensure publication in this Saturday's meet Program. If you are interested in giving an encouraging note to anyone on the team, or placing a business ad, please contact me by leaving a comment below or e-mailing me at info@mvaq.com. We appreciate any and all sponsorship and look forward to working with you.

Another DEAL ALERT! Tomorrow - April 9th, Walgreen's is developing one roll of film (per household) for FREE!!!! Yes... for those of you who still use the old 35mm (or still have some rolls stashed somewhere - I know I do...) you can get one roll developed for free... tomorrow only.
Since Marissa was slightly sick, and we stayed home from the pool last night... I played with my new Happily Ever After Cricut cartridge last night. It took me a while, but I think I've got it figured out. After hours of frustration, I realized I was actually doing something wrong... yes... ME! I couldn't believe it either! lol! But I did create my own version of Aurora (Sleeping Beauty). She is more Hispanic looking with dark hair, eyes, and skin... I thought it would be pretty cool to do a layout of a Quincenera (15th Birthday) with this being the "Princess." I still have to finish her by chalking and putting her in the layout and adding "sparkle", but I thought I'd show my "in-process" mode...

Oh yeah! Stacy has a high-school swim meet today... wish her luck! I'll be walking there... (Divine Intervention - lol!)

That's all I got for now... I'm going to run bot-checks and ad-aware (mal) so maybe Yahoo can get "un-stuck." Toodles for now! lisa

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