Saturday, April 5, 2008

Back Again!

First, let me say that I've worked hard trying out new techniques and reading a lot... as you can see in this photo of my latest page. True... Labor Day 2007 was quite a long time ago... but I finally got it into my book.
These next two are "closer-ups" of the double-page layout.

Here, I did an accordion-style technique that allowed me to incorporate several more photos. There are photos on each side of the accordion.

Then, I used a photo for a pocket and added hidden "pull-out" journaling.

Also, on the first page, there are tags with several "faces". This allowed me to showcase the "flip-side" of things (Jr. made some really funny faces, that I put onto the tags) and do some more hidden journaling.

The letters and numbers are punch outs, sprayed with adhesive, coated with sand, then applied with "Crystal Lacquer" to make it shiny and raised. The letters ended up being pretty heavy, so I adhered them to the pages with with "red tape."
The papers, I cut and tore, to resemble the many layers of the beach and the beautiful day that we experienced. I'm very proud of these pages... However, I am for now on ordering my prints online, as I don't particularly care for the glossy and would rather get the matte finish. The glossy is just way too difficult to keep fingerprints off of.
This layout took quite a while for me, as there were several new techniques. I didn't want to do too many pages for the one event, so I explored my options so that I could do as many photos as I wanted without using a lot of space. This was very successful (at least I think so). The pictures of the pages do not do it justice. I also wanted the viewer to experience the pics, so I made it as interactive as possible, and added the pull-outs and flips.
Also, the use of Crystal Lacquer was something I've wanted to do since I saw the stuff at the the EXPO. The company who makes it, though will for sure be getting a letter from me. Although I love the final result, this was an extremely messy thing. Mess, I don't mind, but the product leaked from the bottle when pressure was applied. It also took much longer to dry than the instructions said. 15-45 minutes my foot! It took almost 24 hours! So... needless to say, I wasn't able to finish it when I thought I would be able to.
Oh yeah! I got to use the Crop-a-Dile Big Bite... now I really want one! The eyelet and brads were set through it. Gotta love that! Works like a dream!!!
I did another couple of layouts from the Butterfly Exhibit, but they are done. I need to finish off the titles and journaling, so my Cricut will be whipped out tomorrow, and I'm hoping to complete them.
I've been trying to not think about my beloved car so much, as it will be another 2-3 weeks. We'll see... for now gotta go! Today is "family day" as Juan's home and so is his daughter. I was hoping the sun would peek out so we could go bike riding, but so far, it is still gloomy and chilly. Yuck! Toodles for now! lisa

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