Thursday, March 27, 2008

My Favorite Tools and What I'm Looking For...

Most of you know I love scrapbooking and other crafts. Right now, I'm more fascinated with the scrapbooking. Here are some of my faves:

I adore my Cricut and use it constantly for many things. I only have a couple of cartridges: Mickey and Friends, Mickey Font, George and Basic Shapes, Paper Dolls, and Sampler (a concoction of bits from a couple of cartridges). I am currently looking for: "Tags Bags Boxes & More" and "Zooballoo". Also... I am looking for Cricut Design Studio (computer program that allows you to do much more with your existing cartridges). If you have any information on these (excellent deals or sites), please let me know!

Also, I just recently started using the Coluzzle cutting system by ProvoCraft. This system allows you to do precise cuts each and every time. I know my Cricut cuts, but this other system allows me to center my photos and cut those, too! Yeah! I have the following templates: tags and bookplates; boxes; and small nested circles. These are great. I am looking for the following: any nested templates, puzzle templates, and a alphabet template with "straight" letters (no dots or bumpies!).

We love "Red Tape!" It is one of the greatest things imaginable. Oh... and Glue Dots! Gotta get my adhesives... Pop Dots are another wonderful three-dimensional adhesive that finds its way into my hands often.

I am awaiting my Cropper Hopper paper organizing system to come in the mail (eBay auction), so that my little problem of paper pulling goes away. This will probably become another favorite.

Karen got a Cropadile Big Bite... and it is awesome... so awesome, that... I want one, too! It can punch a hole through anything. I would love to make a CD album... So, those of you who are close by... save those destroyed CD's for me! I could recycle them and put them to excellent use!

Another thing that I am looking for (craft/scrap-wise) is anything Coca-Cola. I picked up some stickers at Michael's the other day (on clearance) for $1.29, but haven't been able to find any papers or other items. A nice die-cut would be cool. Or... a cool Coca-Cola paper or ribbon... I love Coca-Cola and just thought it would be excellent to do a page of ME! I never do myself, and thought it would be fun... Suggestions or comments? Help! is really what I'm after!

One other thing that I would totally love is a "Bind-It-All." These are kind of expensive (at least to me). But would be totally excellent in making my (our... sorry, Karen! - we share, ya know... lol!) own books, albums, chipboard and bigger things. It basically puts an almost spiral-type binding on things (punches the holes at least).

Today is the usual... laundry day. But, I have to do some writing and other things, and then we're scrapping this evening, as there is no swim practice (for either kid). Jolene (my sister) seems to be doing fairly well. Her swelling is going down... now if I could only get her to eat!

The insurance adjuster finally called yesterday. She said she would find out the information I had been calling everybody else for... they are paid to do it (lol!). It seems like it will still take a while. Bummer! I could really use a bigger car than Jolene's... An auto sales rep called today, stating that he could get us what we already had (or at least pretty close to it). The only thing is... if we were to get a new car, we are probably looking at (maybe) a Tahoe Hybrid. It could totally save on gas! You'll have to check it out (or wait for updates).

Anyway, gotta get going... Stacy has an ortho appointment, and I have to finish laundry and start dinner, too. Have a beautiful day... we are! - Toodles for now! lisa

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