Tuesday, March 25, 2008

It's a Great Week... so far...

Although the ending of my week wasn't so good last week, this week is much better. Gone are the stressful days of running around, getting kids to two different schools, picking them up at two different times, taking them to two different practices. School is out! We have just been sitting and "gel-ing." Yes, we are getting some stuff done, but it is much more casual, and I am lovin' it!

Easter was also a great thing. With the "issue" from last week, I was driven by Juan to my mom's. My sister was there with her fiance, and my brother with his family. We didn't have the Easter Bunny... but we sure had a chipmunk (my sister!). She is recuperating from a jaw surgery (Friday also) and was a tad swollen. Yikes! We had a great time with the kids hunting for eggs (which contained $$$). Then we did dinner, talked a lot, and went home (I drove my sister's car, so I had transportation... Juan went to work from my mom's house).

Monday was different but easy. I slept in! Yeah! And it felt really good.

I'm still a little stressed from calling my insurance, the police, the "other" insurance, etc. and not getting a response back, but without running everyone around, it was much less stress on me, and I worked through it. (I made the same calls today without a response, too!) I'm still a little sore (stress and tension does that to a body), but overall, I'll survive and be okay.

We went to practice (the high-schoolers are swimming with the club swim team during spring break), and Stacy swam (Rey was at my mom's, taking care of my sister). I had deck duty and watched Marissa at the same time... boy was that a challenge! We were done fairly early and went home. No pressure, no going to bed at a certain time, no homework worries... it is GREAT!

Today was more of the same, (especially the "sleeping in" part!) except Rey and my sister came home. Jolene (my sis) is going to stay for awhile until she is okay on her own. The swelling has gone down a lot and she is able to eat "solids" through a syringe (YUCK!). But... swim practice was cancelled unexpectedly due to maintenance failing to unlock the pool gate. Hey! That bites!

Dinner tonight was super easy. Egg salad! Yum! Gotta love that egg salad on whole wheat with lettuce... Easy and not wasteful, and the best way to use up those Easter eggs.

Oh yeah... and I forgot. One of the must-have features I've decided I absolutely need for any vehicle (should we seriously have to get a new one) is automatic headlights! I was driving my sister's car and couldn't figure out why it was so dark! Whoops! I guess that's a little something I got way too used to! Just one of my random thoughts besides... gotta get scrappin'! Toodles for now! - lisa

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