Sunday, March 23, 2008

HAPPY EASTER... and other things!

Here, in Southern California, it is a beautiful spring morning... it has the potential to be another scorcher. Yesterday was 91 degrees and was supposed to be no more than 79! (The weather cannot make up it's mind!) Who knows what today will bring... but it did bring the Easter Bunny!

I'm in the middle of a couple of articles and was just taking a break. I thought I'd send you some Easter greetings and hope everyone is well. Here are some cards I made... just for Easter, and I'm sharing them with you! Most of it is done with my little Cricut (which I absolutely LOVE). On the insides: one says, "Hoppy Easter!"; another - "Hoppin' your way to wish you a wonderful EASTER Day!"; and the last - "Happy Easter... from sumbunny who love you!" They were all done with stamps, my writing and embossing. Enjoy...Please comment. Your greetings can be shared with everyone.

And for all of those wondering how I am (after the accident), I'm a little stiff and sore (tension and nerves) and currently still without a vehicle. The police have not returned my calls, and neither has the insurance agent of the "other" party. But... I know I have been lied to (by the actual insurance company of the "other" party), because the paperwork I saw was issued after the supposed cancellation date of the policy. Go figure. Do you think anyone wants to pay up? How long is this going to take? All I know... guess who they are dealing with. I am extremely persistent, and this is no joke. I will "bomb" them with phone calls!!! This needs to be pushed through. There is no reason why I should have to pay when it wasn't my fault. Then again... what exactly is "no-fault" insurance? LOL! It is a joke!

On the other side... It is a beautiful day. Enjoy it... and have a HAPPY EASTER!!! Toodles for now! lisa

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