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So, between you and me... Haven't you ever wanted a do-over? I know I have... And going back through my scrapbooks, I see things coming off the page (old crappy glue or adhesive... You know what I mean... before we knew there was better?), definitely dysfunctional style... That "what the hex was I thinking when I put that page together???? and other scrapbooking woes. Whelpers... ME TOO!!!! So this two-page layout from a quincenera was crying, "HELP ME... PLEASE!" I don't believe it was an actual "please" but more of a demand. And so... I obliged.
You can't really see it... but I added a Wink of Stella on the white borders and scrolls... Glamming it up and making it all even gaudier than it already was...
Here's a better view. This is interactive. (You can't see it and the pics came out WAY to blurry to even bother posting, because you might wonder if some of my pics were taken by a child, but the picture frame [and photo] are a mini-accordion album and fold out to reveal many more photos.) What can I say? I try to make the most out of a page!
This is Aurora... But I made her a tad darker... to be more like the Quince Princess (the Birthday Girl!) and her doll. I just couldn't make curly hair to fit... so sue me.
A bit more detailed view... I just love Stickles!
And here's a whole 'nother page (the right side) completed. This was a long time ago... but I believe after my mini-maintenance, the pages will last a lot longer. Thank goodness I discovered better GLUE!
Sometimes, you just have to take a little breather and fix a couple of things... Life lasts much longer this way and breathing is easier, Don'tchya think?
Just a note... And oh my! Let me tell you how much easier this all was since the FIRST time I created it... Cricut has come such a long way! And the cutting is even better than ever!!!! Makes me maybe wanna "fix" some more things!!!!
Up next is Veronica! (Isn't that just a royal-sounding name? I think so!)
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    1. I know that feeling all to well. Hate when things start to fall apart. Glad you fixed it. Love the results!! Thanks for being in the hop!

    2. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing with us.

    3. Great layout! Thanks for sharing!

    4. The pages are adorable! I'm sure they were fine before, but we are always so critical of our own work. I was just thinking the same thing about a card I made long ago and made again just was so much easier and a lot better. It was great fun hopping with you.

    5. Wonderful job revamping your layouts, Tfs and for hopping along. Good luck

    6. Great job on re-doing your LO! Very pretty!

    7. I love the flowers on your layout and the dolls!

    8. Lovely layout. Such a pretty young lady and I like the dolls and flowers too!

      Follow me @ The Crafty Scrap Yard

    9. I have yet to get a Cricut. I know I'm totally missing out on so much fun (and cute cards) like this.


    Thanks for sharing the luv! Feel free to look around to other posts. I so appreciate you stopping by and commenting. Love to know you were here! Have a happy day!