Friday, March 11, 2016

A Year of Card Techniques - (March) Inlaid Diecutting

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It's month three of our year long adventure into different card-making techniques,
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Now on with the projects. (If you'd like to see the YouTube videos that may may not have inspired me/us... Check them out here:
Ok. I'm letting you know RIGHT now... this one was a bit harder for me... First of all... I don't own many dies. (I'm kind of an electronic kinda gal...) So here's what I had to work with:
And believe it or not, I picked one of the more intricate (The Butterfly) piece first. Got completely frustrated with all those hecka tiny pieces (you'll see below) and gave up for some simplicity.
And so... I chose the star frame. Easy? Not so much.
I went with the above colors...
And tried to run it through my Cuttlebug. Man, I sure wish I had some of that "Post-It" tape... Probably wouldn't have had to do so many tries and waste so much paper! Um... It moves!!!
So after all the sandwiching and passing, this is what I ended up with...
And all these itty bitty pieces...
But, today was a day I really felt like getting all gluey and peeling glue off my fingers. We all need to revert back to being a child once in a while...
And you know you gotta smoosh it around with your finger... Because who DOESN'T like peeling dried glue off their hands? I L-O-V-E it!
Piecing it together... It really is more tedious than it looks...
Like a puzzle... Which way does it go? Yes... I tried several times...
See that itty bitty teeny tiny piece on my fingertip? Yep. I had to try to get it into one of the equally small holes... THE RIGHT WAY! and see...? I'm still letting my finger(s) dry, so I can peel the glue...
THAT's the hole I had to fit it in...
And... just a hint... if you use CRAFT cardstock, run/pass it through several times, otherwise you'll get one of these bits that just isn't cut all the way through. Try that! on for size... major frustration and re-doing...
And some edges stick up... Ugh... Might as well get out my faves... (see below!)
Clear plastic and a BRAYER to the rescue! That's right... roll it all down really tight!
And then we have the above... And that glue still needed to dry...
And um... Be sure you put either some plastic between the layers or something, because otherwise, it might stick together? Uh... Yeah... It's a no-brainer. And I didn't have the brain that day...
So... I wanted to have my Cricut write inside my card... Only...
Design Space wasn't being friendly with the line-spacing... Ugh.
But, I changed it and got it... And then (as I've shown several times before...) I moved it to where I wanted it on the mat (which I had the physical mat loaded with the card... brayer-ed on, of course!).
Note: If you're not sure if it's going to "write" in the "right" place, use the stylus, and it will lightly emboss the path... If that's right, just do it again. Only this time with a pen... Yep!
Watch that baby roll!!!!!
And see? Gorgeous... But not quite enough... See the Wink of Stella I added?
Awww... Beautious! But still... not enough...
So... Strips of glitter card stock were added and brayer-down. If you don't know these lyrics... and they're not humming through your head yet, ask an "older" person... It's from the '70's!

Hope you enjoyed my simplistic card! I'll try it again... after I get some less-complicated dies. It really is cool!

Up next is Jearise! Check her work out and see what types on in-laying she did! This is pretty incredible!

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  1. Well, as tedious as it was to put together, it came out gorgeous! And I love, love, love how you put the sentiment inside it!! It was fun hopping with you, as always!

  2. I love how your project turned out! The humor about the glue was hilarious! :)

  3. You can do this technique with your Cricut or other e-cutters. Just choose a simple cut and cut it from two colors of paper. Use the negative of one and the positive of the other. Make sure you mat is not so sticky that it tears your paper and keep track of all those little pieces. LOL
    Thanks for hopping with me!

  4. OMG . . . who doesn't love peeling glue off their fingers! And yes, it did feel like a puzzle. Love your end result. Thanks for all the photos. I've never used my Cricut for the writing . . . so this was awesome to see.

  5. This is great! I used my Cricut because I didn't have a lot of dies. It just dawned on me that painter's tape would probably work great as a transfer tape for this technique. Going to have to try that and see if I'm right. Anyhow, love your end result and it was great hopping with you.

    A Piece Of Heart Blog
    **Make sure to visit my blog to grab some really great FREE Digi Sentiments.**

  6. I love this! You've got more patience than I do, I'd of never thought to put those tiny pieces in! Great work.

  7. your post are always so funny! You did a great job with the limited dies you had, I love both my electronic cutter and manual die cutter for different reasons...oh I just love paper and cutting it up!


  8. Lisa, great job on this card and I really like the detailed explanation on how you created this card/ technique. I do have the Cricut too and actually did an inlaid card for one of my classes...totally forgot about it until I read your post...More ideas popping in my head...OH G.. that opens a tone of "dies" I didn't think of. Thanks for sharing and hopping :-)


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