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30th Anniversary of Connie's Sweet 16 Birthday Blog Hop


Welcome to the 
30th Anniversary of 
Connie's Sweet 16 Birthday Blog Hop

We are so delighted you are joining us to celebrate Connie's Birthday!! We will be showcasing projects centered around, you guessed it, birthdays! 

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Did you know...? Connie shares her birthday month and Zodiac sign with Girl Scouts of America!

And all most of us Girl Scouts are out there selling cookies during this time of year, whether we are at a booth or even door-to-door. And... we get "marketing tools" to help us sell and reach our goals. (I say "we" because you know it's not just the girls... Their parents are out there, right along with them. What kind of parents would we be if we let our kids roam the streets... alone?
So... I picked up these little gems at the Girl Scout Store. Not "priceless..." with the total cost for 3 discs and 6 overly large cookie boxes being $50. YIKES!
And the girls used them. Cute, huh? But... it just wasn't quite enough for the big birthday coming up... and it didn't quite attract enough attention. So... I needed to bling them up!

And I did... only that stuff got absolutely EVERYWHERE. In their hair, in their faces, in their eyes... OUCH!, all over the car... You get the picture.
So, I sealed all that glitter so the above incidences never happen again with Mod Podge. Please do not call it "Modge Podge." There is no "ge" at the end of the "Mod." Just a teeny weeny pet peeve of mine... and lots of other crafters and non crafters alike.
And voila! Here we have 3 2-sided discs, each with a glitter-surrounded cookie in the middle. Makes ya want one, huh? I also had punched two holes on each side and threaded ribbon for reversible handles, so the girls wouldn't get hands all over the cardboard. I mean... who the heck likes paper cuts? They happen, you know...
Then to make a banner... I broke out my We R Memory Keepers Banner Punchboard. FYI... the only thing you punch on that is the holes to thread the line through... So why the heck they call it a "punch board" I will never EVER know. and some white and green cardstock. Sliced it in half... and went to town.
I totally love how it all fits in there and the magnets that hold the paper in, once the top part is folded down. AWESOME!
And that it cuts THREE different shapes! Woohoo! Easy! (I only used two, though... the Pendant [triangular] and the Flag [the one above... that's the bottom. The top is squared.].
The punch... can punch 2-3 sheets of cardstock at time! Makes it all a bit easier!
Don't ask... the girls picked "pink glitter" for the lettering. Totally wouldn't be my first choice. Or my last, either.
Here's pink on green... Ugh. Ugh.
And pink on white. Did I ever tell any of you... I really REALLY don't like pink?
Well... I only did two letters. The banner alternates green and white (Girl Scout colors, yo!) and pendant and flag. It will spell out H-A-P-P-Y B-D-AY G-S-A! (Girls Scouts America!), but... I figured the girls need to do some decoration-making. Afterall, it IS supposed to be girl-led. And they we will be wearing some cutesie party hats and other fun stuff... Nonetheless, I'm hoping that since we do have a booth on the GSA b-day... Our girls will sell LOTS of cookies!
And btw by the way, in case you don't know that by now because... some people (like my husband) just don't know... what did I actually do for Connie? Well... I'm hoping she's having a grand ole time visiting sunny Florida and she can tell me how very different it is from sunny Southern California when she comes back. But... she did ask me for the Frogger card I made earlier this month. And me being "almost" the same age as her yes... I'm the younger version! lol!, I mailed it to her! Woohoo! Enjoy the 80's, Connie! Have a brilliant birthday and let your Sweet 16 Self Rock On!
 Up next is Holli! Give her a "Holla!!!!"



  1. The large cookies are sorta cool. Glad I didnt have to deal with all that glitter! hahahaha

  2. Those disks made me hungry. Thanks for the idea. Now off to the freezer to get a box of those Mint Girl Scout Cookies.

  3. I love all the glitter and your sense of humor, as always! :)

  4. What a clever idea! Thin Mints are my favorites, but I love Tag-A-Longs, too!

  5. What a great idea! And I seriously love your narration!!! Cracks me right up!

  6. Love it!! I miss ABC cookies.. we didn't have the option of the discs or oversized boxes to bling up our booths!! Love all the cookies, great hopping with you today my fellow Girl Scouts!

  7. Great idea, somehow your link from Daphne's blog to you is broken. I came back from Holli's when I noticed.

  8. Super idea!!Tag Alongs are my fave!!!

  9. Her hee!! Loved your post!! So fun! I would totally cave to a giant walking cookie. Great idea to bling them up!! Thanks for celebrating with me and so sorry for the mix up!! Hugs!!

  10. Lisa, OMG! these are so awesome! you always do such a great job! yes, send me some GS cookies, the ones with no calories! LOL!


  11. Your cookies look so yummy! The peanut butter is my favorite! �� �� Your banner is so cute!

  12. Wish the cookies still tasted like they used to :-(

  13. Your cookies are great I remember selling cookies with my girls! So awesome

  14. Super clever cookie idea for this b-day hop - TFS!!

  15. Love your project. Thanks for sharing.


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