Friday, February 26, 2016

February LEAP Blog Hop

Welcome to the
Have we got a hop challenge for you today.

Take the letters L-E-A-P and create any paper crafting project; a card, a scrapbook layout, a journal page, etc.

Here is the trick....whatever you make must use L-E-A-P in it somewhere.
For example:  A Lavender (L) card with Embossing (E) and Angled (A) with Prills (P).
Get it? So who is up to the LEAP challenge? Throw a frog into your project... and you've leaped right off the lily pad.

Now on with the projects...

So... when I think "LEAP," as my husband so often says... I'm a little stuck in the 80's. And way back then... I played a game called "Frogger." You may know it... It was a fun video game where you ribbit ribbit the little frog (and yeah... he was cute! about as cute as any digitized little guy could be!) across a river on logs and lily pads... then... as you advance to other levels... across a crazy freeway, hoping the little frog you! don't go... SPLAT! at least it wasn't graphic... although that might be really popular in today's world (and even I might like it, too!). So... I went with a Frogger-themed card.

My design (in Design Space):
"What's that lacey thing?" you ask? HA! That's my first part of LEAP! Lace. Woohoo! So glad you and are on the same page... The lace reminds me of waves... like in a pond... or a river... or on the Frogger video game. Yes... older people played and still play video games.
The double-round is... of course... the card. And we have our little friend there, as well.
The cardstock is my LEAP. Eggshell... Yep. I know... kinda stretching it... DEAL. Did you ever notice (or do you notice now...) the embossing lines done by Cricut don't align quite right? Next time... I'll probably "contour-hide" the line and do it myself. Because... otherwise, it ends up like THIS:
A little a lot off. And I'm not wild about that... But... believe it or not, I didn't have any Eggshell paper left. And so... I dealt with it. I hope you can, too!
And the Cricut began cutting the lace... Obviously then, I was going to have some time.
I misted the card in a watery-looking teal'ish. (Love that splattered look... Rustic... like the look of Nature, itself.)
And the lace was STILL being cut...
OMG! Seriously? This is taking F-O-R-E-V-E-R!
Will it NEVER stop? (This is at about 15-20 minutes'ish...)
A-ha! But look what I found in my stash... during my enormously long wait. Thank you, Christy Tomlinson...
So I used that beauty for a mask. And placed it... then went over it in a darker blue.
Oooh! Such a pretty Batik-looking pattern!
Mmmm... Mama likey...
But guess what? The Cricut FINALLY finished cutting. And I really liked this...
Look how intricate... Just poke all that out and we'll be good. I'll wait for you. I've already waited a long time... Don't worry... the bottle is almost gone.
Remember how I said I liked it? So... I flipped the card over... misted THAT side with the teal-ish...
Placed the homemade mask over and... CRAP!!!! I forgot to tell you what my LEAP was...
Airbrushing! When I went over it in a darker blue... those were Spectrum Noir pens. Beautiful but they appear to dry out kinda fast. I still have to call Customer Service on all that... And I will. Just a bit busy lately with other dramatic to-do's that require my attention...
And so you know... I took what Design Space gave me and moved it around on the mat (at the cutting stage) to fit where I had spaces on my scrap stash.
What's LEAP? uh... HELLO! Don't you see that Pink and Pearly smile?
I put him on both sides of the card (remember... I did both sides...) to see which one I liked more. My homemade side won. I'm probably a tad biased... Sorry, Christy!
Then I wrote with a thin glue... Making it into an '80's birthday card, because yeah... the '80's were great! and sprinkled it with GLITTER!
Now... it's quietly waiting in my card stash for an old friend (from my '80's days) to have a BIRTHDAY!
On the other "UP" side, I absolutely love this new embellishment created by the masking...
Up next is Anna! Be sure to LEAP to her blog next!

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  1. I remember Frogger! I don't know if I played it, but i remember! I still love how you always add humor to your posts! :)

  2. That lace is absolutely beautiful! And I love how you turned it into a watery home for frogger. It was great hopping with you!

  3. As always, so much fun to read your posts. lol. Love the airbrushing on this fabulous card.

    A Piece Of Heart Blog
    **Make sure to visit my blog to grab some really great FREE Digi Sentiments.**

  4. Loved frogger!! And I played it well! LOL! Anyways you know I am having a birthday soon and I grew up in the 80's!! Hint hint! LOL! Love the card girlfriend! And your masking and misting! Awesome! Scrappy hugs!!

  5. your post are always so funny! love your project!


  6. Love your techniques !! And yes there are times I feel the Cricut should come with an endless supply of wine to drink..while weeding LOL there are times I really wished I drank! I remember my husband playing that game..was it on Atari ?

  7. This is a super cute card, you are so funny! Thank you for sharing your talent!

  8. Love your card! I so love reading your blog in these hops. Being an 80's girls, I can totally identify.

  9. I have not tried anything quite that detailed on my Explore, but I might try seeing how pretty it came out. Nice job.

  10. Love how you used the lace. Very cute card

  11. Love how you used the lace. Very cute card

  12. thanks for sharing how you did the lace Lisa.

  13. Gorgeous!!! I seriously love this creation! Great work.

  14. I love your card and your posts always crack me up!!!

  15. Love your sense of humour. Fun interpretation of the challenge.

  16. Great card, I need to use my Cricut more ….

  17. great card and tutorial. lately i have been using my dies more often too, when I don't make several projects at once it is faster.

  18. What a super adorable card! Thanks for sharing how to make a stencil.

  19. Cute card Lisa! Thanks for the tutorial.


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