Wednesday, October 28, 2015

National Cat Day Blog Hop

Welcome to the National Cat Day Blog Hop! If you came from Barbara's Blog you are in right spot. But you may want to start the fun at Haidee's Blog if you happened to come over to my blog!!!

I am excited to have you hop with us! Each blogger participating in this hop is featuring a crafty project having to do with "Cat". You'll find unique ideas that have to do with Cats. We hope you'll enjoy each and every project along the way.

Be sure to leave a comment at each hop to show some Bloggie Love and to qualify to win a Prize. (Check it out!!! I spy some Wobbles in there... In case you didn't get it... I love Wobbles!)

Now onto my project...

Guess what? If you know what or you know me I was originally going to go with a Black Cat. You know... of the Halloween sort. And then I thought... Nah... Haidee (pronounced like Heidi... don't go pronouncing her name all wrong... at least not on MY blog!) probably didn't think up her blog hop all like that. I mean... if she did, it would be a Halloween Hop, right? Right. And so... I went a totally 'nother direction. And here we are.

Enter my Cricut Explore Air. (Yes... I have one of those, too.) I did a search for Cat. Kitten. Lion. Tiger. And Bear! (Oops! We are NOT following the Yellow Brick Road, are we?). And so I went back to the Cat and Kitten. Nope didn't find anything I wanted... Nothing was calling my name. I kinda felt like coloring.

So, while digi stamps are all the rage (and yes, I do love those, too...!), I felt like getting a free coloring page. And I found one I loved. It's totally not in any of the "season" that is now. It's not Halloween, it's not "Fall" at all, and no... It's not even Christmas. It kind of reminds me of Easter. And so I went with that. Afterall... Easter cards or Spring cards can always come in handy, and why not get a jump on that! Huh?

I found a cute little kitty with an Easter Bonnet on it... I threw her into Photoshop and cropped out the lettering... ended like this:

I adjusted the size to 4x5", then saved it as a JPG. I then opened up a Word doc, and copied her in there 4 times.
Then printed on white cardstock and colored her in. But I didn't color her in with just ANYTHING... I colored her with the fabulous lacquer pens that I just bought at the Scrapbook Exp... Shhhh... don't tell my husband! *See my "Lessons Learned" at the bottom of my entry*
And then... I cut them into 4 equal parts, with a band of white to throw in my stash because I'm a hoarder I always use my good scraps. And my bad ones sometimes, too. You never know what your mess-ups can deliver!

I haven't done anything with my "her's" yet, but, they are waiting in my card bin, ready for when I am. Even though "Fall" hasn't really hit it here in Southern California (it's still in the 80's, people...), I know Spring or whatever the occasion is that called for these pretty little kitties will arrive very quickly. It always does.
I hope you enjoyed my National Cat Day post! and on to... Uh...
Whelp, I'm the Cat's Tail-End of the hop... But, if you missed someone, here's the lineup:
Haidee -
Kim -
Connie -
Sarah -
Lori -
Nan a-
Gina -
Jearise -
Barbara -
Lisa - <======= YOU ARE HERE!

Come back to Haidee's Blog Friday October 30th to see IF you are the WINNER.


  • Always, always, fully look at the picture, stamp, photo, etc. before you ASSUME it is something. I thought this was a kitty in a basket with a "Easter" or other type of Bonnet on... It's not. It's a kitty in a hat box.
  • Be sure to TOTALLY let the lacquer dry between colors.
  • Cut your card tops apart FIRST. You might smudge color into your whitespace, just like I did.
  • Only use small color portions for lacquer-type coloring. If you don't, then you'll totally get streaks in it, like I did.  Otherwise, if doing a larger area, color with pen, watercolors, etc. let dry, then apply CLEAR lacquer for even tones.
  • Put the pens back in the boxes as you go. They could role all over into your coloring, like mine did.
  • Keep a pin nearby to prick any air bubbles when coloring with lacquer. Air bubbles, especially those in yellow or light green tend to look like boogers and snot.


  1. Lisa, you found yourself quite a cute little image there! Thanks for the step by step of how you did will be most helpful to anyone wanting to use a coloring page to create an image for a card or layout. And thank you, too, for sharing your lessons learned...the hard way.


  2. After a long day of having a migraine . ... my Hubby looked over and said 'Why are you smiling?' I said Lisa is silly... she made my day even while having my migraine still on. Tfs, I needed the laughter and glad you got the theme 'Cat' day . ... it's what about. TFS your find and your creative idea!

  3. Love your lessons learned - and that cat!

  4. Your kittens are so cute!! I really like your poem!!

  5. LOL!!!!! You certainly can tell a story! I love the kitty in the hat box!

  6. I learned a good lesson yesterday while crafting, it happens! You made quite a fun story though! TFS!

  7. What an adorable creation and I love using it but it can be challenging not getting it everywhere. I love that you posted what you had done wrong as we all learn from the.and I appreciate you for allowing us to learn from them. Awesome!!

  8. cute kitties! coloring is fun. lessons learned maybe not fun, but helpful!


  9. Love the cat in the hat box! And thanks for the step by step recipe for using coloring pages! Andalso for sharing your mishap,gives us encouragement that we can goof up and still make gorgeous stuff! TFS!

  10. Cute image. Thanks for the tips..

  11. Those little kitties in hat boxes are just adorable and what a good idea to print out multiples and keep them on hand for projects. Thanks for the tips too...especially pricking the air bubbles with a pin...wouldn't want boogers all over my project would I? (haha!)

  12. Your post is wonderful! Totally made me giggle. I used to have those lacquers and would love to have another set! I probably went through 2 or 3 complete sets years ago! I had so much fun with them! And yes, those pesky air bubbles are horrid.

  13. Those kitties are cute! The lacquer pens sound interesting. But most of all, I thank you for the terrific chuckles I got reading your strike- throughs... especially about bubbles in green lacquer!! I found your hop from Janis at Her Peaceful Garden Cat Lovers Hop. Both have been quite fun! TTFN

  14. Thanks for sharing your coloring tips with us! I've never worked with lacquer pens. I'm sure you'll find some great use for your cute kitties.

  15. I love your coloring and your lessons learned portion!

  16. super cute. wish i had that image to play with.

  17. I got the hat box right away but it might be because I remember my grandmother having those around the house. I love all your do's and don't's at the end. They made me laugh. Great project!

  18. Aw, super cute! You did a lovely job colouring this image. I am a cat lover so I wanted to join your hop! Thanks for sharing your lessons learned!

  19. Love your super cute image and colored so beautifully! Happy fun hopping!

  20. Really sweet image colored in lots of different ways. Thanks for the lessons learned, too. lol... What a riot!!
    <3 J

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  21. Gorgeous kitty image and I LUV how you coloured her. Those (new) pens you've had for ages look really interesting. I haven't seen those here.
    Your 'Lessons Learned' section really made me chuckle :-D
    Great to meet you on this Hop.

    IKE x

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  22. great kitty image
    and great coloring!

  23. Have you ever thought about doing stand up comedy? Lol. Love that you wanted to color. Those pens sounded cool but after reading your story and seeing your comments I'll steer clear!


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