Thursday, October 22, 2015

50 Shades of... Mom? AKA: Mama's Losin' It Writer's Workshop; Prompt #4: Show us what your kids want to be for Halloween this year

Every day year my daughter dresses up. Usually, there is some sort of procrastination issue at least my husband thinks so. It's not necessarily by me, as two years ago... it was by Amazon.

Marissa had wanted to be a peacock for Halloween. Wow, that stuff at the Halloween stores is super slutty cheesy and cheap-looking, but with a super high price tag and nothing in my daughter's size. It was September, so I thought I was r-e-a-l good being able to order online. Everything I was ordering showed less than two weeks to deliver.

The first piece came within 3 days. So far, so good. And then... NOTHING. Nothing until almost the end of October. Mind you, it didn't all come in... That feathered crown I was going to make with the long peacock feathers? N-O-P-E. Those didn't come in until almost December... so... they're in the craftroom, waiting for something to be done with them... One day...

Last year, the hubs bought her the Anna (not Elsa) costume. I just made a fleece hooded cape. I made it the week before. And it was done the week before Halloween and to my husband that is still procrastinating. Whatevs... It was done and I was done with it.

This year... Marissa wants to be Catwoman. So... way back in August... I ordered off Amazon, double-checking to be sure all of the products would be shipped through Amazon, not another vendor because everything that came late two years ago had been shipped from Asia. I did not want history repeating itself.

I ordered this

See those super sharp nails?
And I bought this...
Oh yeah... Can you whip it?
My older girls were finally cleaning up their big pile of stuff and saw the padded envelope with the items in it. Being the nosey children adults they are, they looked through the envelope and asked me, "Is there something you want to tell us?" "What?" I asked (not knowing what they were even talking about). "A little '50 Shades,' huh...?" they asked. "What ARE you talking about?" was my response. And then they showed me... I laughed so hard I cried and almost peed my pants.
I'm sure it seriously looked that way to them. A black whip. A pair of motorcycle gloves with sharp metallic-looking nails on top. Oh yeah, baby. Mama is turning "50 Shades." 50 shades of laughter and skin color, maybe... I thought it was hilarious!
So I explained to them it was only their sister's costume, and they supposedly already knew what she was going to be. I was only waiting on the bodysuit/costume. And the next day it came.
Marissa promptly took it out of the box, took off her brace (she is going brace-free for Halloween... it is kind of special, so she'll get more than two hours out of the brace), and jumped into her suit. Much to my delight and amazement, it didn't need to be altered at all!
See how the fluffy puffy wanted to get a piece of Catwoman, too?
It fits so awesome, she even felt like Catwoman! "Mrrrr Owwww!" Those nails look totally sharp! Watch out!

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  1. Hi! Stopping by from Mom Bloggers Club. Great blog!
    Have a nice day!

  2. Great costume. Soon as I saw the photos I was wondering what the folks in the packing department were thinking!

  3. ROFL! I came for the Fall hop and saw the title for this post and had to see what it is all about! You crack me up!! Love the costume!! And when you are done with that whip send it on over my way! LOL!.....JK!!

  4. ROFL! I came for the Fall hop and saw the title for this post and had to see what it is all about! You crack me up!! Love the costume!! And when you are done with that whip send it on over my way! LOL!.....JK!!

  5. Such a cool costume! And really cool you work so diligently on her costume dreams, even if Amazon's dealers messed up.

  6. Yes! I love those claw gloves!! She looks awesome and I have definitely made that ordering mistake before (also from Asia). So frustrating!

  7. Haha- that's awesome! Does Amazon now have questionable "suggestions" based on your order history?!

  8. She looks fabulous!!!!
    If my husband would have opened up those packages up without knowing he probably would have thought the same thing! HA!!
    I had to wear a back brace for eons. I don't know what your daughter was wearing a brace for...but I can commiserate on the misery on wearing the blasted gear. So go on with her bad self in her costume. I hope that she has a magnificent time!!!!


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