Thursday, October 29, 2015

Mama's Losin' It Writer's Workshop: October 29th is National Cat Day. Write a poem about your cat

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And if you're here from Mama's Losin' It... You, too, can click on the above link (I did a little something crafty...) OR just continue on reading. Either way, you're good to go on. And either way, it's National Cat Day! So... I chose... of course! "October 29th is National Cat Day. Write a poem about your cat!" Duh.

Except... Duh. I don't have a cat.
But I used to, so... Imagine that?
What happened you ask?
What happened to your cat?

My cat. Was all Black.
But not all.
She had a spot.
A spot of white upon her chest.
Like a ball.

White, too.
At the tips of her paws.
But not her tail.
She was Boo Boo Kitty.
Didn't scare me.
Like the Stuffed Cat
on Laverne and Shirley.

Maybe imagined the spot.
My Cat. Has a Spot.
Boo Boo Loved.
I loved her.

She disappeared.
And came back HUGE          <===== I was in 5th grade, folks, chill...
Out came little Cats.

Lots of colors.
Some the same.
Others different.
Six Little Kitties.
I loved them all.

From School I came.
All gone.
Boo Boo and Kitties
Were gone... to a "Good Home?"
Mom said they did.

Never forget.
Boo Boo Kitty.
I love you, forever.

So now. If you're here, you could've come from a good many of places, seeing as it's National Cat Day and all. I've been trying to keep busy busy. If you're here from Haidee's National Cat Day Blog Hop, just scroll down and check out my crafty post. (But yeah! You can comment first, here, if you'd like!) And if you're here from Mama Kat's, feel free to continue on down, as well.

But if you came from somewhere else... Feel free to join in on the fun! Mama Kat hosts a great Writer's Workshop full of prompts and positivity to keep all of us going. Please stop by over there to read some more awesomeness. And don't forget to comments. Everyone needs a "pat, pat" now and then.

Thanks for stopping by! And pet your cat today. If you don't have one, there are several shelters with lots of cats to choose from. Have a great day and a healthy life.


  1. Oh, no! Poor Boo Boo Kitty. Thrown out of the house for getting herself knocked up. ;) Cute poem!

  2. Awww Boo Boo got her freak on.
    We had a cat for all of 2 seconds. My grandpa just snuck one in our house because I wanted one. When my dad found out, he snuck it in my other grandma's house -- where it stayed for a very long time :)

  3. Boo Boo and Kitties, gone!!!! Sad!

    I enjoyed your poem, and admire those who write poetry. I'm sure I learned poetry-writing in high school but can barely compose a silly rhyme nowadays.

  4. Loved your poem. I love cats. We had a lot of cats when I was growing up. All so sweet and wonderful. I love the name boo boo. Sorry about your cats. We got rid of a few kittens when my cats had them. One time we had 8 cats all together. It was something. Hope you have a great day.

  5. Aww so sad you had to say goodbye to boo boo kitty :( What a sweet poem!

  6. Great poem- I love your sarcatic remark!

  7. Great poem and great story of your Boo Boo Kitty.

  8. Great poem and great story of your Boo Boo Kitty.

  9. I enjoyed your poem very much and rhythmic so well!

  10. WONDERFUL poem about the kitties - such a shame they went away :-(
    I hopped up here from the kitty Hop :-D

    IKE x

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  11. Love this poem! I hope Boo Boo Kitty & her littles found a good home!

  12. My Mom gave away my cat and kittens too! Way to scar me for LIFE mom! They were wonderful while they lasted. :)


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