Sunday, October 4, 2015

It's Ma Birth-day...! (And I like hearing voices in my head!)

Today, I sit here and quietly turn 45. Yep. 45.

To some of you, that may not be anything which means you're either my age or older...

To others including my own children it seems ancient.

I'm sitting here quietly, not by choice. The week before last, I was staying home from work to take care of a sick child. She breathes. Therefor, I caught it, too. And so... this past week, I stayed home from work for my own illness. Only as my children relish telling me I'm older than she is. And this shit is kicking my butt! I only say that because I've been sick since LAST Saturday. And I'm STILL sick. What a way to spend my day. On the plus side, my scale says I'm 10 whole pounds lighter from my week off.

I am sitting here with a low-grade fever (day seven, mind you!), a swollen throat (feels like I swallowed a ball), a hacking cough (with crap that comes up from the depths of my lungs), and a nose that is so stuffy, I can barely breathe (and the snot from hell erupting from it throughout the day). Not to mention a headache that has failed to leave me in over a week, and a total lack of energy.

I will say that I celebrated by putting on my bra, after one whole week of freedom, to run to Walmart to get some more Aleve-D.

Two of my children called this morning. One texted. Of the two that called, they both said, "I love you." The texter did not.

Other family and friends have reached out, too. I've received several texts and Facebook messages. Of those, only two have said those other three words, "I love you." In a world where words don't seem to have much meaning anymore, these three choice words mean SO much to me.

Please... If you someone you love has a birthday, or anyday. Don't forget to tell them, "I love you." It could mean making their whole day brighter. I do appreciate the texts and private messages... But a voice on the other line is always welcome more. I'd much rather hear these voices through my head, than read a text on a screen.


  1. oh you poor thing :( HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! from one mom to another...I LOVE YOU! love the sacrifices you make each and every day like so many of us....with or without a bra! prayers for a quick recovery since more then a week feeling as you do it way too much!

    1. Thanks! I think my biggest disappointment was after I finally felt able to consume something with dairy (I REALLY didn't want to build up that mucus crap), I went to claim my Starbucks gift, only to find out it had already expired! Seriously. Starbucks only gave me until the day AFTER my birthday to use it. Crazy. (And btw... my bra is off again... lmao!) Thanks for visiting.


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