Friday, September 9, 2011

Paper Hoarders Challenges! Back-to-School with a RULER Layout!

It's Paper Hoarders Design Team Day... and the Challenge? Back-to-School!!! Woohoo! Yes, the kids went back to school earlier last month, and I took time to take a pic. And since my Senior won't let me take one in front of the school anymore, I snatched this pic while she was in the car about ready to step out. Unfortunately, it didn't make it into the layout, as... if you know about my incident with Walgreens last time (if you don't, you can read about it HERE), I sent away for MAILED pics... Snapfish is my friend this week (hopefully!), and they are on the way.

So, anywho... the challenge had to be back to school and contain a ruler. Wow! I had ruler paper (Little Yellow Bicycle has a great line that has rulers in it...), I had ruler ribbon (dunno where THAT came from, but I have it!), had some stamps (woohoo!), and I had a GREAT FANTASTICAL embossing ruler border from ProvoCraft for the Cuttlebug. Can you guess which one I used? Ya think? Nooo! YESSSSS!

I did!

And I inked the "top" side with Tim Holtz Walnut Stain Distress Ink (because I love it SOOOO much!), and put in 1" strips of bright yellow paper, and ran it through my trusty CB. Woohoo! added some PopDots, raising the bar (ruler, of course!)...

Then I placed it around where the pic should go (when I get it!), Wrote on the top with chalk (lo-ove chalk!), cut out SCHOOL (designing on the Gypsy - S is Hannah Montana Rockstar, and the remaining letters are HM Daddy's Girl, welded the two O's together, because I'm cool like that!), Stickled the star, and glitter-glued the school (it was on craft cardstock...), glued it all down and added chalk exclamation points.

Then... I Stickled the inner star (from the "S"), Stickled the letters of the high school and "Seniors"... and wrote in WHITE gel pen the "Class of 2012". Easy peasy pudding and pie... it's so easy I made myself cry!

And I love it! I can't wait for the photo to come in and put the first page in her Senior Scrapbook! and just a little FYI... when I finally DO get that pic, I just might put a little bling-bling on her head in the form of a tiara... just thinkin'!

And ya know? um... I did this LAST week, because... (see the post here!), and I'm SOOOO glad I can finally share it with you!

Join in our super fun fun fun and go to Tanya's Blog, check out the LAYOUT DT's shtuffs and link up to participate in the challenge! Woohoo! And then... come back again NEXT week to see what more wonderful things we've all come up with!


  1. ohhh love your layout!!!

  2. I love the rulers!! Her pic will look awesome in the frame you made!!


  3. That turned out super duper cute!


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