Thursday, September 1, 2011

Paper Hoarders Design Team Challenge: Back-to-School (with a RULER)

Ok... so... the first post I did (which you WON'T see until next week) was a layout. And why won't you see it... yet? Because, I'm a total nerd/dork/goober, whatever you wanna call it and didn't even think that I couldn't make a layout. Why not? Because I am on the everything BUT a layout team. That team does it next week. Dweebie me! and so... I killed two birds in one night.

Throwing an idea together... I didn't want to do a card. Everyone was already doing cards, and I wanted to be a little different, plus... my fabulous idea (see next week's post!) kept glued to my head.

Now, bear with me, as Blogger won't seem to let me finish uploading photos, but if (I'll keep trying throughout the day!) it'll let me finish without kicking me out, they'll all be up before you know it.

And so... I ran from Back-to-School Night (at the high school), because yeah... we've been in school for 3 weeks now... to Walmart. Try to look for a wooden ruler there... NOT! because they just plain don't have any...

So... I got this super flimsy plastic ruler from Fiskars. Red, for the apples... I looked for green, but no such luck... WHY? Probably because that's what I'd set in my mind...
and I used my Silent Setter to punch holes in it. Teeny tiny holes so I could thread these white cup hooks in... (starting at the 1" mark and continuing at the odd inch marks... there's 6 in total)
Then I punched holes in the upper corners using my Big Bite!
See? and my husband said I needed to use a drill... um... I guess he doesn't understand MY kinda toys... uh, huh...

Threaded simple yellow ribbon through...

Cut out "WELCOME" in Plantin' School Book (in black card stock) and added a little chalky-chalky...

Added some black-backed (had to, on account a the ruler was already red... spoilin' ma plans!!!) red ripe shiny apples (used Colorbok shiny paper for these!) with a couple of little green leaves, and


The teach now has an awesome little hanger for hall passes, office passes, keys, etc.

I'm sure she'll just love it! Hope you do, too!

And if you'd like to join in the fun-ee-oh!, swing by Miss Tanya's blog and she's got a little line-up going for you. Don't forget to do the challenge yourself... we all had fun doing it!

***Woohoo! The pics are all finally up... just a little add-on here...
To do the chalk letters, I kept them on an older mat and chalked them while still on the mat (after taking off the negative paper), makes it MUCH more easier.  Also, I realized I forgot to add that I cut a strip of craft paper, painted it blue, then the edges green and fastened it on in orange eyelets. Thank goodness the Big Bite goes through this stuff!!!


  1. Wowza....fabby idea!!! I can't wait to see the rest of the pics :)

  2. What a GREAT idea Lisa!! Hurry and get those pics up girl!! i'm dying to see it!!


  3. OMGOSH how awesome!!!!!! loveee this idea!

  4. Great idea! So excited to be on the Queen of my craftroom's DT with you! Thanks!

  5. So cute----------and VERY creative!!!
    Hugs, Anita

  6. whata great project!! very clever

  7. Wow! this is great!! Any teacher would love to have something like this! Thanks for sharing the awesome idea!

  8. Love this project; it's a neat way to keep track of lightweight things. I might have to give this a shot soon, so the kids can keep track of their Boys and Girls Club cards, which they always seem to be losing. :)


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