Friday, September 9, 2011

It's FEED ME FRIDAY! (Smoked Tri-Tip Edition)

So, we went camping last weekend, for Labor Day... it was a grand weekend. and full of food. But we did something different this time...

We smoked some meats BEFORE we went!

We did tri-tip and pork ribs. The ribs used my special rub, click HERE for the post and recipe. And the tri-tip? I called my momma for that one.

She uses:

for the marinade...
1/4 c. Worcestershire sauce
1 c. soy sauce
1 bunch green onions, sliced (just the green part)
and for the rub... (poke holes in the meat and rub it in)
black pepper
garlic salt

And... like I always do... I adjusted it just a little:
for the marinade...
1/4 c. Worcestershire (Lea and Perrin's ROCKS!)
1 c. LITE soy sauce (Kikkoman's makes the very best)
1 bunch green onions, sliced (the whole flippin' thing)
4 cloves garlic (pressed or minced finely)
a pinch of ground cayenne pepper (for that little oomph!)
for the rub... (I don't have garlic salt, and wasn't about to buy any)
garlic powder
kosher salt
freshly ground pepper...
I mixed it all up, and rubbed the stuff WAY into the meat, massaging it throughout. I decided NOT to poke holes, as I didn't want any other "openings" for the moisture to get out later in the process... then... I put that puppy into a gallon Ziploc, poured in the marinade, threw it in the fridge, and flipped it over every coupla hours...

Hubs got the grill/smoker thingy going the next a.m. and we tossed it in there, along with some hickory chips. Mmm... boy! did that smell good. Smoked it for about 4 hours, basting it, when water was being added to the water bowl.

Anywhoo... here's the end result:
And when it was sliced:
Makes the best sandwiches... EVER!

Also, it makes for a much easier campout, with the meat done and everything... Woohoo! Means more time for PLAY!
Hope ya'll have a great weekend!


  1. OH MY GOSH!!! That looks so delicious!

  2. This looks delicious, Lisa! I have a blog award waiting for you on my blog. :)



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