Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mama Kat's Losing It Writing Prompts: 3.) What I know for sure.

I know lots of things. I'm one of those people. Yes. I am.

I read a lot of books. And if I hear about something that I don't know about... I research it. Because, well... I like to be one of those people.

I'm not a know-it-all. Because, I don't know everything. Nobody does. I know lots of things, though. And I put it together. I figure it out.

But what I know for sure is... I am one of those people. I'm proud of it. I like to be one of those people, because, well... I don't like having to ask everyone else everything else.  No, I don't.

I like to have one of those other kinds of people ask meI like to feel... mmm... not like I know more than others, but like I have a some-type-of-purpose-other-than-merely-existing sense to my being. Because... people like me have a paranoia about them. People like me feel like they have no purpose in life, at least not a significant one. So... people like me... those kind of people feel somewhat important, like they do have a purpose in life.

And you know what I know for sure, even more than what I knew for sure just a second ago? Um... I'm really kind of silly. And nobody knows anything for sure, huh? Even those kind of people... people like me!


  1. You're so silly! That's what I know!

  2. Wait... I'm confused.. who's on first? Do you know everything for sure? Or do you know for sure that you know everything? or what you know for sure is that you don't know for sure? Or surely, what you know is what you know and what you don't know you know that you don't know? Ahhhhhh....I just don't KNOW! Help me! ... I love your post:)

  3. I like to read books too but usually just the ones that will teach me nothing at all. I have found books that teach me things make me go to sleep.

  4. I think my husband is one of "those" people and it drives me crazy and I LOVE it! It would be nice if you guys would figure yourselves out!

  5. ME 2! I HAVE FOUND MY PEEPS! Is this a Lisa thing or what? Let's research other Lisa's!


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