Sunday, April 3, 2011

I've Got Friends...

in Virtual Places...

Where the witty drowns
And the Cheer chases my blues away,
And I'll be okay,

Now I'm not up with network graces
Think I'll head on back
To see their computer faces...

'Cause I got friends in virtual places!

(sung to Garth Brooks' "I Got Friends in Low Places"... if you couldn't already have figured that one out!)

I'm not one to be big on country music (ducking the tomatoes and baling wire!), but I do like this song. And right about now... I'm feeling just a little down. A little left out. A lot of unwanted. Totally sad. And utterly useless.

So I decided to go blog-hopping on my own. I didn't do any following parties or anything, even though there's LOTS of those going on. I am just feeling kinda like I don't belong. (you know... like the song...)

So I went hopping along to bloggers that have posted comments on my recent posts. I shared the love. They are my friends in virtual places. And they always make me feel the love. Nobody's ever been negative to me there and they pat me on the back (virtually, of course... commenting on projects or written words). My virtual friends make me feel appreciated and loved. And I thought I'd return the favor a little.

I try to comment on others' posts. I believe they are in need of a little praise. Afterall, they did a great job just be creating a blog and posting on it. And I appreciate them.

I visited funny stories, wonderful cards, lovely heart-wrenching posts, honest open-ness, and beautiful words that picked me up a little bit.

So if I visited/commented on your blog in the past couple of days, please know... you gave me a sense of worth. And I thank you. (and if I haven't, leave a comment, and I'll be sure to visit you soon!) CHEERS!


  1. From this Lisa to you Lisa...I Love the NEW Lyrics! Smile, I think your BLOG is FABULOUS!

  2. You are such a treasure in this blog world. I hope you know that!

  3. Thank you for stopping by my blog & I hope that you are feeling "the love" & not so down soon xoxoxoxo


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