Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Playing Posting Catch-Up with the Jingle Belles!

So ya know... I feel like crud. My body's okay... my my chest and head are just full of congestion and all the yucky stuff that goes with it. So... I took a week off. Big whoop. But... I didn't fully take the week off. I still did everything I had to do... you know... 'cause I got me some K-I-D-S! and Momma don't get sick time... And so, I sucked it up. I'll post (tomorrow maybe...) the other things I did throughout last week, crafty-wise, and you can see my St. Patty's Day project underneath this post on Wordless Wednesday.

But for today! I am super duper L-A-T-E posting this, as I got totally into it and kept changing and getting things just so... that I totally missed the deadline to link up. Oh well. Boogers! I actually thought I was going to skip it, but had a little time and decided to give it a go, since my idea just wouldn't leave me.

And here we are! JB12! It was a sketch, which I'm just usually so not good at, but this little bugger wouldn't leave my brain until I actually did it. And yes... it took a while... and my interpretation is WAY different than everybody elses', but hey! I love it!
The flocking had to dry... and so did the glitter...

That cute little face? ... is a Peachy Keen Stamp! Gotta love them! A little chalk for blush and red-nose effects, black mark to enunciate the separations... And see that hat? Um... yeah... I cut the hats (TWO! because one was in white and the other in red), then handcut the "furry" parts off the white and flocked them. But uh... I had the hat the. way. it. came. I forgot to "flip" it. And so... I just flipped the red hat over, cut the pompom off the white flocked fur, flipped that, adjusted it, and glued the pompom down? Can you tell? Huh! I can't!

The sentiment is hand-written (and so are the "bricks"!) with white GellyRoll pen. The glitter is my fave... that I am almost out of...

and the little snowflake-y button-y thingies? were leftover from Calendar swaps last November. I just love utilizing bits of things and different techniques! Gotta love it!

Next up... last week's card... JB11! I'm just late posting, but hey! the card got done. The challenge? Craft, pale blue and white. Woohoo! My fave colors to work with. But. I went super simple. I was really feeling out of it and just wanted to get it D-O-N-E. And done... I did it!
The card is craft cardstock... and this blue background is one of my favorite papers (I'm gonna have to find me some MORE!) that I'm almost out of... I did the tree in white on the Cricut (swirl tree - Christmas Solutions), added a little rafffia bow and stamped a "Peace" Star sentiment at the top of the tree, embossing it in holographic Ranger powder. Easy. Simple. And I went to bed...

I still have one more left to find... it seems to be eluding me, but the sketch challenge from JB08 is missing! I have yet to take pics of it. I will give it one more search, and then I'll make another... Ugh! Sometimes, organization eludes items... lol!

Anywho... Peace be with you... hahaha! And hope you like the cards! I had fun, and I'm sure you would, too... If you'd like to join in, you still can! There's many more weeks until December, so check out the Jingle Belles Blog and join in the fun!


  1. Oh my word, that Santa is just too stinkin' cute ... and what a fun interpretation of the sketch ... and I ADORE that awesome swirly tree ... so glad you joined us for some jingle belles fun.

  2. oh my gosh!!! that ♥SANTA♥ is just BRILLIANT! i can see why he would not leave you alone until you made the card...what a FABULOUS & totally original version of allison's sketch! i LOVE IT!!!

    your swirly tree is gorgeous, as well. i love that pretty blue star paper and the raffia is such a great finishing touch! well done you! ♥♥♥

  3. It's way more fun to go off and do your own thing and I love what you made! I am locking that flocking!

  4. just seeing this now... I just now realized I have that Christmas cart (on my Gypsy) and can do that swirly tree!


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