Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mama Kat's Losing It Writing Prompts: 2.) April is national poetry month...Write a poem about hope.

Something that fills us
Makes us all warm and fuzzy
Gives us insipiration
And mystery

A feeling
A joy
A psychic ability
Premonitions moving strong

Propelling us
Keeping us


  1. Great poem! Reminds me a little of haiku which I love. I love that it says so much but with so few words.... really like the last line .."propelling us, keeping us , moving, on..." How true is that. If it weren't for hope, so many would give up!

  2. Great Poem! I did a poem on hope to but I am not a great writer. This seems to flow.
    I am visiting from the writing prompts. Glad I found your blog

  3. Sometimes hope is the only thing keeping us going! This was great!

  4. Beautiful! I think we all need something to push us.

  5. thank you for linking up with your poem. hope does push us, youre right.

  6. We all need more of that kind of hope. Thank you.



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