Saturday, February 7, 2009

Ranting Session

Part of the reason I've been so "off" lately is my lack of time. I have been going between the brake shop and the dealership for two weeks now. One blames the other, says they can't find anything, says it's "this" when it really isn't, fixes a "problem" that isn't there, can't figure anything out, etc. So, Juan (my hubby) heated the car up (we have told both locals that it doesn't make the funky sound until it's been more than warmed up) and took the mechanic around in the car, and he finally heard the funky sound (sounds like pigeons). YAY!

So... when they checked it out... it turns out it was a total of two hubs (don't know which, only know it's a front and a back one), maybe something else. The estimate is $1300. Thank goodness we actually bought the extended warranty, so it is only costing us the $50 deductible. Whew! Juan was smart!!! However, a little while ago, both front hubs were replaced. Regardless, that isn't the least of my complaints.

They (the extended warranty insurers) are paying for 3 days of car rental. ONLY 3... no matter if the car isn't done or not. So... I went yesterday to fill out the paperwork, and since they (the car rental) is closed Sundays, arranged to pick it up today, with the understanding I would have to return it Tuesday morning or before (based on if the car is done early or not). I was told I would simply have to come and pick up the car.

WRONG!!! Juan dropped me off 1/2 hour prior to my appointment. I was first in line, went up, and ugh! They asked me for all of the information again, and then some. Then argued with me about the conditions of my rental. I won that one. However, because I don't have an actual credit card, and my card is only debit/credit, I had to physically fill out more paperwork and provide references and such. I must have been filling out a dang credit card application or bank loan docs for all of that!

OK, so... that done, I sat for 1 hour 15 minutes doing nothing but playing games on my phone. I am normally someone who would take a book or magazine or cross-stitch or just something to do to fill the time and make it just a little more productive. But, I thought I would be in and out of there.

To their credit, they were extremely busy with only 2 sales reps and no reprieve in sight. They also were supposed to close by 12, noon. I don't think they did... customers kept coming. Finally, I was taken to another lot a mile away, as they had to replace my car with the same brand (Chevy) and something comparable. So, I got another Uplander. Only... I am so spoiled. This one has none of the following: Upgraded Captains chairs for the backs, leather seating, middle console, push-button sliding doors, pockets on the back of each chair, electric adjustment of the driver's seat, dvd player, storage in the ceiling area, and... and... lol! See, I told you I was spoiled. But, whatever.

I will be making due with what I've got given to me. Hopefully, it will take less time. That's all the drama I'm disclosing to you at this time. But rest assured... there is MUCH more! Toodles for now! lisa


  1. That DOES sound like a pain!!!! I hope it's quick too :)

  2. Hopefully your car is done soon. I would hate to be without my car (although I don't have all the cool stuff you do in yours.) And YES you are spoiled!

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