Monday, December 22, 2008

More Cards for Christmas

So... procrastination is hitting me head on... and I'm getting them done, as I need to. I really can't be anywhere ahead at the moment (lol!). Try as I might, maybe I'll be better off (procrastination-wise) this time next year.

I just love the card feature on lots of the Cricut cartridges! It is so fun to make window cards. The possibilities are endless!!!

Here are two cards (made today). I didn't do close-ups of the details, as I was rather in a hurry... I did these, and ran to my destination - where they were needed. Ugh! I've got to get better at this (anti-procrastination)!
The gingerbread card is made using Stretch Your Imagination. I just love this little guy, and thought he would be great for a kid's card. Of course, I used Stickles... how could I not - at Christmas? If you see mess-ups, that's because there are some! Seriously... this was a hurried effort. I used my heat gun to dry the Stickles, which bubbled, while the cardstock buckled a little.
The cup of ? is from Joys of the Season, as well as the sentiment. I chalked the cup, Stickled the steam, and put candy cane stripes behind to make it more festive. I also discovered that if you accidentally smear or dot the Stickles before they dry... QUICKLY take a makeup sponge and sponge it all over - it gives the effect of glittered paper... not too much and just enough. You can't tell in this pic, but the "Merry Christmas" is done in mirrored cardstock to give a frosty and crisp feel to the card.
Then, while perusing the web (and the Cricut messageboard...), I discovered the most fabulous site! A wonderful card maker... so wonderful, she could very well be a professional. She is certainly an artist. Please visit Lillie, aka "Um Buggin". I will definitely keep her as a regular visit in my travels. I could only aspire to be like her.
Anyway, I have more to do! Remember those packages I was sending out today? Uh... well... they didn't make it. So I'm working on it right now. As well as filling requests for food for the next couple of days. Anyone want some Albondigas? I'm about to start making them now! Gotta run... Toodles for now! lisa


  1. No idea what albondigas are, but I love the cards! :D

    I also have to add that I seriously need to stop procrastinating, in general. You know something that irritates me? Last year I had gotten ideas and projects started for this holiday back in JANUARY. Yes, really! Right after the holiday I was planning the next one and actually doing them. Unfortunately... I forgot some of the ideas (and the paper on which I had written them) and never finished others, changed my mind about what to give, etc. Ugh. I swear this year I'm not doing that. I'm going to start early, sure, but I'm not going to fail to finish any projects. I'm going to get them done and then put them away with our holiday stuff so that I know exactly where they are!

    Good luck with your anti-procrastination! :D


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