Thursday, February 11, 2016

Angela's Birthday Blog Hop
Welcome to Angela’s Birthday Hop! So glad you can join us! 14 super crafty girls would like to share with you their birthday creations. Hopefully this will give you all some inspiration to make something for that upcoming birthday!

If you came from Shawnee, then your in the right spot! If not, please start at the beginning at Angela's!
For today's hop, Angela is giving away a fun birthday package! All you have to do to win is like and comment all 14 of us!
The photo wouldn't save here for some oddball Blogger reason, so for this moment only, please use your imagination. This is the blingy birthday package she has up for the winner!
Jaded Blossom Birthday Splatter Stamp
Recollections rhinestone embellishment
Recollections purple burlap
Basic Grey 6x6 Shine On paper pack
Mon Ami Gabby diamond mesh

Angela is a very creative lady. I often "hop" with her... Never met her in person, but I suspect she's a pretty cool gal in real life. So, when she decided to host a Birthday Hop, I asked if I could join in! And... here we go!

Angela's blog is creatively called 3*Crazy*Monkeys... so what better of a bday card for the bday girl than a little monkey business?!? Here's a little cut... I moved the bits about at the mat point, so it would fill in the spaces of some scrap paper I had... (these little guys were originally put together by the program).
See the gaps I had to fill? Yes... I save every. flippin'. scrap. of. paper.

Ok... so I didn't realize until I'd gotten here, but it's flipped a bit. Get over it. See how well it's all filled in? Use those scraps! Save a tree or part of one! Oh my... we need some color here...
The cut (from the Cricut) only has one monkey... but uh... she's got three... so I obliged.
And here... a totally non-PC song was going through my head (to the tune of "3 Little Indians"... You know... that song that's "not" allowed anymore in kindergarten? One Little...
... Two Little...
... Three Little Monkeys...
They're so cute! See how I mad them kinda sorta hold hands? You know... Like all good siblings do...
Wow. I don't like it. It has to go! But I did leave the pretty vellum piece on the back...
*Note to self* Darkness can't be worked in. Be sure to move about the craft room on a regular basis. You know there is a timer on a motion-sensor light. Because your handy dandy husband didn't want you to leave the craft room light on all the time. and THIS could happen...
I water-colored the vine. Next time... I'd do that first!
Added some Stickles, slapped down the sentiment piece... and there we have it!

I'm the last bit in the line of wonderful crafters for this hop, but if you missed anyone, feel free to hop to where you missed or start at the beginning with Ms. Angela! Hope you had a good time (and hope Angela has an AWESOME Birthday!). Please don't forget to leave a comment...

Here's the full lineup:
Angela (The Birthday Girl! - be sure to wish her a Happy Birthday, when you stop by!)

Me! <==== You are here!


  1. Lisa, I woke up feeling a little crappy today. You know the norm for this time of the year, allergies, allergies, allergies. I decided to hop through while my boss wasn't here at work and I had time (or I made time) and as usual your posts lift my spirits and make me laugh out loud. So loud that my secretary came to see what I was laughing at. Your card is ADORABLE!!!! Thanks for always bringing a smile to my face!!!! Miranda :)

  2. Your card is adorable, Lisa! And I love how you share the step by step process and as always, I LOVE your commentary! I remember the little Indian song...didn't realize it was banned, LOL

  3. Adorable!! Love that you added more monkeys!! You rock!

  4. Love the "3 little monkeys" card. I liked the step by step process you shared. I too did not know the indian song banned. Anyway, love your card and Thanks for making me smile.

  5. This 3 little monkey card is so cute! Loved your expressive details in the process of making it - especially that someone besides me saves every little scrap of paper because you never know when that's all you're gonna need. LOL

  6. Love the monkeys. Cute card. Following your blog now and look forward to seeing more of your creations!

  7. Lisa , great idea. I love it. Perfect for Angela's birthday. Thank you for sharing it and the tutorial. Thanks for joining us in this fun hop...

  8. I love your tutorial and the finished product! This is my first time hopping with you and I enjoyed it! :)

  9. This is a great Card so cute! I love it!

  10. Such a great card! It's just so cute!

  11. My husband thinks he's funny and will walk in and just turn my light off on me and leave. Not funny! So I know how that goes! Your monkeys are very cute!

  12. I love your card!! And I love how you crossed out all siblings getting along ;) my monkeys are little animals behind closed doors! haha!!! Thanks for joining me in my birthday celebration!


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