Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Jingle Belles: Batman (uh...) Smells. And Who Else Did What?

At first, I thought the challenge sprung on us on none other than April Fool's Day was a joke. Apparently it wasn't. We were to make a humorous Christmas card. Umkay.

First of all. I have no "funny" Christmas stuff. Yeah, I have funny Get Well stuff and funny Birthday stuff and even funny miscellaneous stuff. But no funny Christmas stuff. Ick.

And so... after perusing LOTS of blogs and commenting on all of the other challengers who posted, I kind of got an idea (or two). I ran them by one of my kids. Strike ONE!!!!

Said kid thought they were both totally dumb (she's 17... like she knows anything!), but thought one was even more dumb than the other. (dropping shoulders in defeat...)

As I rolled my eyes and toyed in my brain with the least "dumbest" of the two, it started to form in my mind's eye. I could vividly see it. Now... to only portray it and match it to that picture. Ick.

And so... I told the idea to two close friends. Karen, who laughed. And Lisa (l-o-v-e that name, don't you? hee, hee!), who thought it was cute, too.

And so... I sat down and toyed with my Gypsy while watching my shows (I'm a total addict, ya know...) and holding my beloved dog on my lap. Well... I got kind of distracted and it took a while. Not sure it will turn out the way I wanted it to, but meh. Had to try to get it accomplished.

And so... I'm actually writing the majority of this post before humorless card is actually even completed. Heck! It's not even cut out! It's sitting in my Gypsy as a design only. I have yet to pick the right papers. But hopefully, I will get to it. It might be a little tricky, and I'm running out of time.

I am leaving in a few hours to speed to LA County and spend a couple of days with my mom and all four of my girls (pooch included - gotta take the dog!). I'm hoping to get it cut out and thrown together and pictures taken and this dang post finished before 11am this morning. Do I think I'll accomplish it? Um... we'll see. I really would like to meet the deadline again...

And so... here's my idea:

i'll do better pics when i get back, as this is a scan... and i was in a hurry.
It's DONE!
You see here, EARTH done in blues and greens... and some "peas" sitting amongst the EARTH.

of course... i just had to put little hats and Peachy Keen-stamped faces on the little critters!

and the little hats (buggers to size just so to fit atop each little pea head!)... had to get some flocking in... and some STICKLES!!!

Love the night sky, because that's the way I see EARTH sitting in the universe... and added little gold stars to the starred background sky...

And on the inside... it reads:

Okay! Who asked for PEAS ON EARTH for Christmas?

It's as jolly as it gets, honey... at least I tried! lol!

Just a reminder... You can still join in on the Jingle Belles fun! Just go to their blog, hop around and look at what everyone else is doing, and you can do it, too! Enjoy!!!


  1. HAHAHAHA!!!!!! ok, i'm sure your daughter will roll her eyes at *ME* as well, but i think that's HILARIOUS! and also you've done a BRILLIANT job of making the joke visual--from the starry background, to the green & blue earth, to the adorable peas with hats and mouse ears and sunglasses!!! AWESOME, missus! :) :) :)

  2. I LOVE it! That's so creative and fun and silly and perfect!

    I hope you have a great visit with your mom!

  3. Snort snort ... fantastic ... I love all of the fun little hats ... especially those mouse ears ... so glad you pushed your funny bone boundaries & joined our jingle belles mayhem this week.

  4. Okay, I didn't get it at first, but VERY cute and original :)

  5. I love it! Those peas are tooo CUTE.

  6. Yeah - 17 year-olds only think they know everything... This is very cute and funny and thanks for executing the idea in your head so we could see it! Enjoy your visit (I'm jealous - I'm all the way in NY and my family is all out your way...)

  7. that took me a second but i got it and it seriously made me smile!!! clever!!!

  8. This turned out GREAT, Lisa!! :) Love your "Peas" and how festively they're adorned. :D Your starry night sky couldn't be any more perfect, either. Great job on a very peas-ful card. BWAHHAHAHHA!! :D


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