Friday, August 6, 2010

Life Goes On... Lasting Memories Linger, We Learn...

On Tuesday, my dearly beloved great-grandmother passed into another great adventure.  She had lived on this Earth for over a century (104 years, to be exact).  That's a lot of life.

Oma, as we young folk called her, was a wonderful woman... a little old lady that had lots of stories to tell, and lots of things to teach.  She was a strong woman, full of life and a strong belief - in people.  I'm not going to get all religious now and tell you she has left to be with Jesus, because, well... different people believe and think differently.  But no matter, I believe she (at least her spirit and her memory) is off to galavant the next mystical experience.

And she has left us to learn from her.

I met her when I was 20.  (I know... a little late in life to meet a grandparent or other relative, but hey... it's a little complicated.)  I spent almost a year getting to know her.  I learned her stories. I also learned how to make a pie crust (with perfect flakiness) and Stollen (German fruitcake).  I skipped on the sauerkraut, as the smell made me nauseous.  I developed a love for gardening and came to know all the flowers. (My 5yo can name a bunch of different flowers, now, too!)  I nurtured a love of bird-watching.  And I wrote.

I left and semi-kept in touch over the years. My two oldest have met her. My youngest... didn't. But, I teach my children what I know, what I've learned from her. I also pass on her stories.  Stories tell of a true life.  A life that was long and full.

I won't be able to attend services, but that is understandable. Everything is so far away.  But her memory is not. Yes, I am saddened at our loss. But... she lived a long and full life. She left in peace. She deserved that.  She taught me a lot, and for that, I can pass that on as well.

Rest and fly in peace, Oma. Your memory and teachings will be cherished forever.

**Note: If you would like to read the obituary for my Oma, please click on this link.  Thank you for understanding my randomness and all-overness, as that's where my mind is... at the moment.


  1. Oh my goodness. That is a lot of life to live. I can only imagine the things she saw in her time. You know-the elder generation knew how to live life to the fullest and appreciate it all didn't they? She looks so happy in this picture--and like someone who wasn't just posing but knew how to keep a smile on her face!

    I'm so sorry that you won't be able to attend the services, but I do know that it's quite obvious you cared very much for her. I'm sure it was just as obvious to her no matter how much time you got to spend together because that just tends to shine right on through. Warm hugs my friend. Big, warm hugs. If you need a shoulder to lean on let me know.

  2. Thank you, my friend. I feel your hug...

  3. I am so sorry for your loss. My grandfather is 88 and I can only hope that he lives to be 104!

    She must have lived quite an amazing life and I'm sure she knows just how much she will be missed by you!


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