Friday, August 6, 2010

Blog Her '10 for Some... Home Her '10 for the Rest of US!

This week has been a whirlwind of busy-ness.  There have been babysitting jobs, tennis practice, fun trips to LAX, doctors' visits, playdates, Chuck E. Cheese, cooking, food, drinking, driving (not together... don't worry), school registrations, car-pooling, and I could go on...

Lots of my Twitter, Facebook and Bloggy-World friends are in NYC, living it up at BlogHer '10. I envy them. They are visiting, socializing, eating, networking, learning, and hopefully... having a great time. I've never been.  First of all... I don't blog enough to "make it worthwhile." Other reasons I didn't go? Um... finances being what they are, I seriously didn't have the cash (or the credit, for that matter) to go.  I have lots of reasons:  school starts next week. Ick! Our summer is O.V.E.R.!  Also, my 16yo European traveler was coming in Wednesday night (yes, she arrived quite safely, thank you for your concern...) and had late registration Thursday morning.  I also had tons of laundry to do (vacation stuff + regular everyday stuff = LOTS of laundry). AND not to mention there would be no one to take care of my three lovelies here, at home.

My kids are old enough to stay by themselves. Uh, yeah. Well, they should be. And yes, they (the older two at least) could probably watch the 5yo. However... how would they all get to practices, babysitting jobs, etc. AND how would my husband be able to sleep during the day without me to keep the place quiet? Hmm?  You have no answer? Well, I do! I am staying home.  Yes, that IS in my job description... SAHM (stay at home mom). But... today, I met someone in the bloggy world is also a SAHM, but the end letter refers to something entirely different. He is a student, who I believe stays at home otherwise, with his kids. This is fantastic. I believe it's greatness.  Anyway, he is fabulous. His writing his witty and fun. AND he created Home Her '10!!!

For all of us who didn't getta go! Now there is a great network of people who are enveloping this experience and making the best of it.  There is lots of fun, and lots of charm, and a whole lotta incredible people. They might not all be SAHM's (moms or men), but they all blog to some extent. (Most are a lot more on top of it than me...)

Oh! What's his name? So sorry... I got so excited about the whole thing... @BackpackingDad on Twitter and you can visit his blog (Backpacking Dad). If you're interested in checking out other writers (complete with some giveaways!) of HomeHer10, check out these linked up blogs... We're all in it together, and making the best of it! (And thanks to Toni for hosting the link-up!)

I'm just glad to be a part of it and see so much participation. FYI, though... Next year, I hope to actually be able to go to BlogHer... I heard (from a little bird... Thanks, Tanis!) that it will be in San Diego (August 5th and 6th).  Hmmm... I could even commute there... (provided SCHOOL doesn't start even sooner next year!)

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  1. congrats to your 16 year old for her european adventure. I want to take my son to Chuck E Cheese he is about 17 months old? is there stuff there for toddlers?

    found you from Life Without Pink!


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