Sunday, August 1, 2010

Another GIVEAWAY - Something to Cherish FOREVER!

I've recently discovered something, thanks to Linda, at First, let me tell you... I don't wear jewelry. I usually tend to think it's rather gaudy and not my type. But... I found a place that makes classic, unique jewelry, customized to you, and includes everything important (FAMILY!). The Vintage Pearl is this such place. Yes! It really does exist.

I'm shooting for the eternal heart (on the "Unique" tab). I would actually wear it! It is gorgeous, hand-stamped artwork that fills my heart with WANT!

You can choose to order one on your own, or you can take your chances and enter TrendyTyke's giveaway (for a $75 gift to The Vintage Pearl) and wish yourself luck. Hurry, though. It is only until tomorrow (August 2nd).

1 comment:

  1. that jewelry is really cute! but a little too expensive for me :(
    Thinking of entering the contest though ;)


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