Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Turkey Day!!!

Whelp... I know it has come and gone, but I wanted to make sure you all (including my sole two followers - Hi, April and Moira!!!) knew that I was thinking of you yesterday. Not all of you have Turkey Day (Thanksgiving), because you're not all here in the States, but I wish you well and leave you with holiday blessings, nonetheless.

So... after dinner, I rounded up a kid or two and flew to Michael's. I could not resist the sale of Cricut cartridges for $29.99! And so I got a couple... Joys of the Season (for me!), Alphalicious, Animal Kingdom, and Tinkerbell and Friends (all for my kids, as they have been asking for these for a while). Sigh... they didn't have Hello Kitty and Hello Kitty Font there, but oh well. It was still a small fortune spent, and my kids are excited. I'm excited about the pricing! FYI... the sale is through Saturday. It's a great price, that you pretty much can't beat! The Jukebox is also on sale for $49.99! Woohoo!

Another FYI... if you are interested in a Cricut, WALMART has a bundle on sale! You get the machine and 2 cartridges (unknown as to which carts they are giving) for $199!!! Can't beat that... so if you are wanting... do some serious hinting and/or asking!

I'm still full from yesterday. I ran to my mom's Wednesday night to begin prepping, got some awesome pics with my nephew and my 3-year-old (will post them later), got some rolls baked for my bro's celebration and got some cards created prior to leaving my house. Whew! That was a lot to do! I forgot to take pics of the Thanksgiving cards, but maybe some of those receivers can post a pic, or send them to me to post myself.

I am thankful for each and every one of you. I appreciate you all and hope for the best for you in all you do. That said... it is time to start the holiday season, so no matter what religion (or not) you come from, festivities are sure to come! Enjoy the holiday season (no matter where you are) and happy shopping! (Personally, I think I'm skipping it this year, as the "good deals" appear to be mostly on big-ticket items... of that I am not purchasing.) So, if you are going out and hitting the Black Friday/Weekend sales (don't forget Cyber Monday also!), I wish you luck and safety.

I just took down the Thanksgiving decorations and am working on laundry (missed it yesterday due to the holiday) and decluttering (gotta make room for it all!). So check out Flylady and see how to go about the holiday clutter cleanup with me... and hopefully will be putting up Christmas by the close of the day... Wish me luck and I'll do the same for you! Toodles for now! lisa

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  1. Aww, shucks! And here I am, awful in that I haven't been keeping up with my emails, and that means definitely not with the blogs I read! (Not to mention my own blog. Yikes!) However, I appreciate the wishes and thoughts and send my own back at ya. :) *hugs*


Thanks for sharing the luv! Feel free to look around to other posts. I so appreciate you stopping by and commenting. Love to know you were here! Have a happy day!