Monday, November 17, 2008

My "Good Deed" for the Day!

While on my way to the Post Office... a little Pekingese dog limped from the sidewalk into the street. I slowed down, and as it kept limping across the street, I stopped. While I honked the horn, the dog stopped in front of my van. It was panting heavily and sat on its rear, lolling its tongue out in thirst. I honked the horn more... the dog (by this time I see he's male...) took a couple more hobbles and stopped in another car's path. The car swerved around (missed me!) and kept going. Another truck (coming the opposite way of myself) stopped and got out to help. Mr. Pooch ran and parked himself underneath my car! And of course, handy with my camera (and a scrapbooker!)... I had to take a picture!

The other guy (pool dude) and I tried to get the dog out to no avail. I called Animal Control, as Mr. Pooch snapped at the pool cleaner and moved farther under my car. He simply wanted shade (it was around 90 here...). We gave the dog water, then another great guy (who had passed and asked about the dog earlier) stopped back by and offered a hamburger for Mr. Pooch. (How sweet was that!) Between myself, the pool dude and another neighbor, we went to about 10 houses, asking if Mr. Pooch belonged to anyone. No one claimed him.

End of the story... Animal Control showed up, got Mr. Pooch out (without a problem... I might add!), and we all went on our merry little ways.

Basically, I was amazed that so many people stopped to ask to help and did help. I was NOT amazed at how many people whizzed by, not caring at all. It was not a waste of time, although it did take about 45 minutes. But I feel Mr. Pooch will be much better off than getting hit by someone (which I'm sure is what happened in the first place). I would love to thank the pool dude (sorry I never got your name) and the neighbor dude. They were great and a wonderful help. I'm sure Mr. Pooch appreciates us all, too. Toodles for now! lisa

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