Friday, February 17, 2017

A Year of Card Techniques - (February - So Sketchy)

Guess what? It's THAT time of month again... No... not THAT time... THIS time!!!! It's the day we have our Monthly Year of Card Techniques (month TWO!), and today, we are doing...

I had a huge problem... Blogger isn't being nice. They seriously need to update their app. Not only am I getting a message from Apple "Your phone will run slow. This app needs to update." Seriously? Get with the times. But... I kept getting kicked out. And my phone wasn't working (to upload pics)... and then...

I get this... WTH???

Anyway... over it now (and still fuming...)
Here's our sketch! (Cute, huh?)
In cleaning my craft room, I found these little spider dies and decided to break open the package and finally DO something with them... Woohoo! I did a lot of dry embossing this time around... This one is chalked afterwards.
Then... I know! I can't believe it either!!! I did a second card!
and again dry embossed... and used another little die set I found... It's a miracle what you can find if you clean your craft room!!!!

Whelp... Here ya have it! Check out the rest of the gals... and see you next month! Up next is... Jodie!


  1. YaY !!! Fabulous creations - I love the cute little spiders and your wood grain idea is awesome :-)
    Sorry to read about your Blogger problems - couldn't you just spit !!!?
    Hope you are calmer now xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Lisa you crack me up...this time of the month LOL....Yeah our oh so technical gadgets can be a pain sometimes...I do like the Blogger interpretation of our sketch :-) but honestly, sorry about the trouble with the technique. I like our cards...great job and as always, it was a pleasure hopping with you. See you next month...

  3. Great cards! Way to go with the Halloween one. I am cleaning/reorganizing my craft room about once a week it seems. You think it would be perfect by now. Hah! Enter the Halloween one in the Chalk N Stock monthly challenge. Here is the link:

  4. Cute cards!! It was great hopping with you again! I had problems with Blogger myself last week.

  5. Great cards! Love that spider card...too cute, glad you found them! Inking that wood grain makes the card!

  6. Oh my gosh! I just love those adorable spiders! I'm really glad you incorporated dry-embossed backgrounds - that's a technique I completely forget about most of the time. I was traveling when the hop went live, and was SO afraid I wouldn't be able to get things to work from my phone that I finished my post 3 weeks in advance! I'm glad you got everything to work. I enjoy your blog.


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