Friday, October 21, 2016

Exploring Family History Blog Hop

Welcome to the Exploring Family History blog hop.  We are creating crafts related to our family history.  Most of us would agree when began paper crafting to create a historical record of our and for our families.  Of course, we love to get inky and sticky while doing it so let's dig into our crafty family history projects.

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Now on with the hop!
When Theresa first put this hop out there, I thought... "Self... [yes, that's what I call myself... 'Self.'] You really do need to create a "family" album, giving out our history." And my other self (yes, I do have more than one... don't you?) told the other one to go fly a kite, in not such nice terminology. But, I decided to go against Hyde the one self and begin one anyway.
I found this really great cut through Design Studio... And began cutting.
As always because it's me... I ran into several little tears snags. And I worked through them. Yay me!
I've briefly shown you (through the pictures) all the I did to overcome them...
However, some of my efforts made the original flaws worse failed...
So I had to fix those, too!
And yep... here after the gluing, I used my handy-dandy brayer, an old Cricut mat overlay, and brayered those babies leaves/cuts down into the glue and onto the cardstock.
And here ya have it! Don't ya just love what it says??? It's meant to be the "title" page in my upcoming book Family Album, but now that it's done and looks all cool and all that... I just might put it up on my wall, instead... Hmmm...

Next up is the fabulous Card A Day Design Challenge Team! And in case you missed anyone, or want to go back to get more [her]story... Here's today's lineup:

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  1. That is a such a cute tree and saying. I really like the paper you used. I have found that if I back my paper with something called StickIt, it not only holds the paper together a little better, it is already a sticker when you get done and thus no need for glue - Yea!!. Also the custom cutting for cardstock-delicate really helps on those kinds of cuts.

  2. I love it! and I love reading your post. you are always so funny but it is funny because it is true! I made a round of cuts recently and had to fix several tears and find little pieces that I lost that were required. Thank you so much for participating!


  3. You crack me up! I love your project and your commentary down to "her" story! LOL! :)

  4. Lisa, you crack me up! I love the project. I'd frame that tree and hang it in the living room.

  5. fantastic! love the saying...great tree!

  6. He he.....very funny and cute, very creative.



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