Friday, September 16, 2016

CASE a Card Blog Hop

Remember the old kids game, Telephone? You know the one where a secret is told to the first person in line and then they tell what they think they heard to the next person and they tell the next person and so on and so on.  At the end of the line, the person says what they heard and the first person tells what they originally said and laughter erupts because the two things are nothing alike.  Well today's hop plays that game, but with card making instead of secrets.

This hop is un-like any you've probably ever been too. 

We took one card created by Alicia  and sent it to the next blogger who then C.A.S.E.d the card (copy and steal everything) and sent her card on to the next blogger who C.A.S.E.d it and sent her card to the next blogger.  You get the idea. 

When you are done hopping you'll see how different or maybe how similar the last card is to the first.

You should have arrived here from (blog prior) If you would like to start at the beginning visit Alicia's blog.

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Now on with the hop!

Here's what I started with... from Jearise.
Now... when this was first explained to me, I was told I had to change 3 things. And so... I set out to do just that.
I was going for a more monotone look... some blues, whites... bringing back traditional "Dutch" and I don't mean the way everyone pays for dates nowadays...
I put in to cut AND write... it didn't turn out quite right.
My Cricut more at play... writing... drawing... not exactly matching the cuts...
The card and the oval layer. Love the colors.
They don't "quite" match up... Cricut needs to work on that...
Sandwiched... yum. I'm hungry!
Huh. a little better on the writing (drawing), but it won't go perfect. Note to Cricut... WORK ON THAT!
Adding a little Tattered Angels color...
Thank you, Tuesday Morning, for that AWESOME price!
And there you are!
Up next is Sue... Let's see what spin she put on my card!
Thanks so much for hopping with us! Here's the entire line up in case you get lost:


  1. I love your are so funny and great explanation of your card! I love the Tattered Angels spray! Thank you so much for hopping along!


  2. Great color combo, Lisa. I really enjoyed CASE'ing it.


  3. Looks great. I also hate it when things don't line up the way I think they should. Thank goodness that doesn't happen too often.

  4. I love your card and your sense of humor! I wish Cricut could read your post! LOL! It was fun hopping with you again!

  5. Love the blue and white! It did a pretty good job of lining up...I never have those issues that you did. Maybe you need to calibrate the machine? Anyways it's very pretty!! Love the blue splats too!

  6. Okay i laughed. the card came out awesome I love how you saved the day!


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