Friday, July 8, 2016

Under the Sea Blog Hop

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Welcome to the 
Under the Sea Blog Hop

Thank you for joining us for an underwater adventure Under the Sea!

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On to the projects! Let's get "Kraken"! 

So... in choosing the paper... I loved THIS match. The blue (sky and water) and the ugliness green was perfect for my monster! Do you see a theme here, yet?

His tentacles are AWESOME! I love the detail...
On my mat, this is what's left after removing the tentacles. Crazy! "C" for Kraken? lol? I guess if you don't get it... you aren't in my mind, right? But it was funny to me!
Had to cut this a couple of times, since I wasn't using cardstock on the inside. I didn't quite set the pressure/speed quite right. Ugh.
Yep. I am so far from perfect.
And then... Ugh! Be sure to take care in lifting your creations off... Or you could just take it off... easy-speedy like I did...
The folds! What a pain in the **s! But the end result is well worth it.
 It took a bit of time and thought, but I did end up getting them just right.
Okey dokey... I loved my Wink of Stella so much... I was so excited to see a whole package of colors! And I bought them of course! Only to find out... they're not brush tips, which I was totally loving... So... I didn't edge the waves in Stella... The line wasn't like I wanted it.
A glittered and glued!!!!
And my waves turned out... just right.

And YES... this is my elbow. Note to self (and everyone else, too!) Be sure to put drying glitter/glue thingies AWAY from your active workstation. Otherwise, THIS could happen to you! I happened to do it THREE times before I finally moved it..

Stella... you get another chance. The black was perfect for finishing the cut edges of the tentacles.
See the differences? AWESOMENESS! I can hear the angels singing!
This... wasn't so awesome. Another note to self (and everyone else)... Use your MATS! That's what you bought them for... duh! It did come off (with only a tiny bit of residual ink) with a lot of scrubbing and elbow grease no glitter.
And the inside of the tentacles on the paper insert received a little Stella, too. Hmmm... that reminds me... I think I'll open a bottle...
Ok. Cricut People! People that design cards with inserts! You should note the insert piece should be 1/4" less than the card size. Otherwise this happens, and I am stuck with an unseemly edge that looks like I didn't know what I was doing (which I do/or I didn't... but I'm a fabulous critic!).
And I fixed it with a little... GLITTER!
I so love this card!
The waves... the scary tentacles... the boat in trouble(d - waters)...
I'm so happy I found this in Cricut Design Studio. All on a search for "waves". Otherwise... I had a different idea. This one, just took over!
And if you don't get it... I don't have the patience to explain it to you... Google much?
Have a fabulous weekend, and let's keep the Kraken "under the sea!"

 Up next is Christi



  1. too cute! you always keep us giggling! Love hopping with you! See you next time!

  2. What a cute card Lisa! I love the octopus tentacles! Thanks for sharing that mistakes happen to the best of us.

  3. Your card is very cool and a lot of work.

  4. Funny commentary and a Kraken good card.......TFS!

  5. Wow, Lisa, what an impressive card...I've come to expect nothing less! I guess the people in the boat are soon going to what out what Kraken is!! Thanks for sharing all that went into this card...rarely do people get to see the effort. And, as always, I love how you share your personal thoughts and insights. It was a lot of fun hopping with you!

  6. Awesome card!! You did an amazing job!

  7. the details are just amazing! So imaginative! I haven't seen anything like it! You are so creative and your post are so fun to read!


  8. Such detail! Love your outlining of the decorative shapes! Always fun reading your blog :)

  9. What a great project! I love all the different tentacles sticking up. Enjoyed being in the hop with you!

  10. I love your finished product and always look forward to your posts! :)

  11. Very funny post. Thanks for the tutorial, I enjoy your comments too. TFS

  12. Super funny awesome Kraken Thank you for sharing your amazing talent!

  13. This is seriously kraken lacken! I love it!! Turned out great!! Thanks for joining this hop!


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