Saturday, July 23, 2016

Christmas in July! (Day Two)

Welcome to Day Two of... Christmas in July!

We just couldn't stop playing with the holiday theme, so we've got a second day filled with great ideas that you can start creating now for Christmas. Along the way today, you'll find card and gift ideas, a scrapbook layout page or two and even a couple great decorating ideas.

We hope this hop gets you in the holiday spirit a little early this year.

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Now on with the hop!

Can you tell I'm not all about cards or layouts at Christmas YET?

I'm extremely cheap! frugal. I saw some stand-up letters somewhere, all decorated and such... and they cost $30! per set!!!! of two!!!! OMG!!!! He** NO! I would NEVER pay that. That'd be $90 for Santa to laugh!

So I bought some paper mache letters at Michaels remember I'm cheap... so of course I used a coupon! and painted them up. I was going for the "snowy mist" look... it didn't work. How do most of us fix mistakes? Cover them up! Work with them. I applied a ton of Mod Podge then sprinkled a ton of ultra-fine red glitter. Remember... it gets EVERYWHERE!!!! Just a little note here... There aren't painting pics because I probably accidentally deleted couldn't find them. So sorry. Not sorry. They really were kind of boring pics...
I wanted my letters to sit together permanently, but be separated. Make sense? Well! It does to me! I used my FAVORITE silicone caulking! It's not just for cards and layouts, people!!! and made three little lifted blobs and set them together, making sure they were the perfect distance apart. And no... I didn't glue the three sets of letters together, Silly! Can you imagine the nightmare of storage?
More up-closes of my beauteous letters! Sorry I don't have a Christmas-sy background... it's a little early in the year for that! Also... I hope you don't take the "HO, HO HO" personally.. if you do, please get therapy for your issues and don't take them out on me!
and here are all three sets! I haven't decided yet if they'll go on different shelves... or all in a row... or strung out... the possibilities are endless. But I love how they turned out! Don't you? And I did have a friend ask me, "Where's mine?" LMAO! Are you kidding? Wait for your birthday, girl!

Miranda's up next, and I'm pretty positive she's got some more holiday bling to share with you.

Here is today's hop line-up in case you get lost along the way:

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If you missed Christmas in July! (Day One), please go to Theresa's blog and scroll down a post. Or... you can start HERE! and hop on through.


  1. Gosh, Lisa, you certainly did a beautiful job with these. They will look great no matter how you decide to display them! It was fun hopping with you today and every time!

  2. I love your sense of humor and how your letters turned out! I was laughing the whole way through your post! Thanks for keeping us in stitches! :)

  3. Your project is AWESOME!!! I with you on not wanting to spend that kinda money! If I can make it myself then I do!!!!

  4. What mistake? You did the glitter thing on purpose. lol They are perfect looking and better than any $30 ones from the store. Great job.

  5. What a great project Lisa! Love your sense of humor and whimsy.
    Thanks for hopping with me.

  6. Those will be really cute in your house come Christmas time.

  7. Lisa, Your letters are awesome! I too am frugal. I would never pay that much for them either. I love how yours turned out, probably a lot better then theirs anyway.

  8. Lisa these are fantastic! You are seriously funny! Thank you

  9. these are you fabulous! and the storage nightmare? you are so funny but what makes it funny is it is so real! I love reading your blog!



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