Tuesday, May 3, 2016

May the Fourth Be With You! Blog Hop

Welcome to the
where we will celebrate all things Star Wars related. Whether it's a card, scrapbook page, party plan or quilt, it's related to the Star Wars franchise in some way and we want to share it with you.

So in a galaxy far, far away there's a crafter working tirelessly to create some movie magic for you...now on with the projects at hyper speed.

There are so many things to wander into and fly into... in the galaxy of the computer. I came across so much more than I had time to do... I started off with a card... submitted the card and hated it. When I looked at the card... it seemed like it took on way too many messages... not that I give a crap about what people think or don't think but messages telling people to take off. Oops. (It was a card with Boba Fett running... And it said says in neon lettering, "May the Fourth Be With You." No biggie, right? Until... you open the card, and it says, "and if it's not... RUN!" Yep. Got a lot of guff about that. Apparently, way too many people are super prickly and take everything personally and apply it to their own personal lives. Gosh. Geeze. People! I didn't intend it for anyone in particular...  And so, in order to avoid unnecessary drama, I pulled it. And here we have something I like much better anyway.

Raise your cups if you like COFFEE!!!! I know I do! and with the new Starbucks app... I like it even more. Took me way less time to get another freebie!!! (I'm not rich and don't spend a lot of my own money there... but I do get a lot of gift cards from people for things I do, and just put them in my account. It makes them go SO much farther!) So, I found this GREAT pin on Pinterest, downloaded one pic (the one I loved more than anything), and pasted it in a Word doc. 4 times.
I'd already tried playing with Adobe... and Cricut... And I wasn't about to "fussy" cut anything. There is no time in my world for that... So I popped it on my Brother Scan-N-Cut 2 sheet, scanned it in and let the Brother cut it all out for me.
See those cuts? So cool...
Ooooh! I'm just lovin' it! I can see you, too... Mr. Hot Stormtrooper!
Again. I'm just so thrilled with this all... not having to edit a cut, and having it cut super perfectly.
And since I make these packet mugs ALL. THE. TIME. better than cards, I tell ya!, I just keep it as a data file in my machine, load up and press cut. I just have to score and apply adhesive, and they're ready to GO!
Martha Stewart makes the best score boards. I love the little one for cards, and take it with me on crops and classes.
All adhere-ed with my 3M ATG gun. I will NEVER give you up, baby!
And yeah... Altogether now... It's just not enough...
I tried some oil pastel crayons I'm not sure how long I've had them or even where they came from... but they were in my stash. Did YOU know they dry up? *cough* ME EITHER!!!! And these weren't going to work for me.
So, I decided embossing, it was! It laid on much better. And then I used my handy dandy brayer... Note to self: Go back to using clear plastic over the project, under the brayer, otherwise it all just STICKS. And then you have to clean the brayer. And who wants to clean anyway? We want to CRAFT! And the lettering stands out better now...
I really like the "froth" in the saying, but I thought someone else might not quite get it... And so...
My own lettering it is! With some white embossing powder. And yes... I did the lettering and sprinkling of powder several times again and again, because I'm that picky with centering...
Ugh. Didn't like this one...
But was "ok" with this one... and now... I just have to throw a gift card or packet of VIA or something in and give them away! They (my secret pals) are sure to LOVE it. And if they don't, they can just give it back and I'll ship them off to a galaxy far, far FAR away!
Which one do you like better? I like the hand-lettered one best... the words pop more.

And remember those wonderful things on the computer/internet I found? Whelp... here's one of my FAVORITES!!!!
 (And look at this FANTASTIC iron on you can get from Giggles to Go! (on Etsy) that I just "happened to find" on my ventures into the Black Hole AKA: The Internet)

 No matter what you like, May the Fourth  be with you... and in case you don't get it (my high school classroom kids didn't last year...) it is a play of "May the Force be with you" Geeze, people!
Have a great Fourth! Don't party too hard for the Cinco (de Mayo), and may the rest of May brighten your Day!
See ya in another "space" and time!
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  1. What a great idea! The handwritten one is better and easier to read.

  2. these are so cute! I like the hand written one, you are right it really pops! great job! may the froth be with you!


  3. Very cute!! Handwritten all the way!!

  4. Very cute and unique idea. Love it.

  5. What a awesome coffee cup! I like them both.

  6. Well, personally I love the sentiment on the first card you had; but I know what you mean about people getting offended far too easily these days. When I was a kid...back in the dark ages...my parents would tell me to brush things off and move on and I grew up that way. Anyway, I love what you came up with as an alternative. May the froth be with you, too!

  7. This is great! I like the hand written one best.

  8. As always Lisa you blow me away with your creativity! Love it girl.
    May the force be with you my friend.
    Thanks for hopping with me.

  9. I like them both but I think the froth fits the coffee mug! Too cute!!!

  10. Cute! I like the hand lettered one.

  11. lol! What a great cup! I love the saying, too!

  12. Cute card. I think they would have gotten the froth pun, but it is cute the other way too.

  13. I don't understand why the first card was offensive. Hmm. Maybe I'm just loopy from pain meds. But I love the coffee mugs and def with your hand writing best. They are awesome!

  14. These are so fun! I love the saying for them about the froth! Either hand written or the cut out one, but the 'froth' is perfect for these!


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