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Winter Wonderland Blog Hop

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Today's hop is filled with winter (not holiday) themed projects.

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Now on with today's project...

I don't know if you know... but I'm having an affair. (*GASP!*) Yep! A love affair with a cold (snow)man. And I love to watch him be "Frozen". Are you getting it yet?

Yeppers! I'm in love with Olaf! Yeah... I know he's kind of last year (or two years ago, or whenever...) but I love him. He's cute. He's adorable. He's utterly oblivious to anything negative. What a positive inspiration for anyone! And since he's related to snow... He's just perfect for this Winter Wonderland Blog Hop!

Months and months ago, in a little social media platform not very far away... in a land called "Twitter," I participated in a Cricut Twitter Party! Short story... You "tweet" (answer questions) throughout the "party" using the hashtag (pound sign... [#] to us older folk) ha! even BlogSpot is showing the spelling of "hashtag" as incorrect. I know you can't see the red underline, but I sure do! Well, they sometimes hand out prizes, and... I WON! I won a digital cartridge... FROZEN!

And since then I've been playing with Olaf online placing Olaf in different designs of cards and layouts and just saved them, having no occasion to actually use him... until now.

So I got out my Handy Dandy Cricut Explore Air... and cut Olaf. And then began to glue him, making sure I glued the wrong side because we all know I've NEVER ever glued the incorrect side... the right side in a very fine line. I used some glue I've used before... it seems to work just fine.
Um... Is something missing? Perhaps...
... a tooth? And there it was... attached to the inside of his mouth. Oopsie! It's best to make sure you don't throw anything away until your character with itty bitty teeny tiny parts is put together, as it's extremely hard to dig through a trash receptacle full of itty bitty teeny tiny scraps to find that itty bitty teeny tiny part you may or may not have thrown away. True story.
Basically, I just put him all together on top of a pretty cut-out card... With the word "Summer" in a flourish behind him... [Insert scratched record sound here!] Wait! What!!!! I can't do that! It's a "Winter" wonderland... Not a "Summer" wonderland... Ugh.
No... I still have not cleaned or organized the craft room... I couldn't find all the bits and pieces to this really cool set of PEGZ stamps I have. (I was going to stamp out "Can't wait 'til..." on the front and move my "Summer!" to the inside...) so... I looked around and dug... and dug... and found this! Still in the brown box it was delivered in. And when I opened it and saw the receipt... I was horrified! The date? 10/14/2014! It's been in my possession for over a year and never been touched. Ugh!
One thing I didn't know... that it came with 3 Spectrum Noir pens... So I didn't have to search for those...
And because I've never worked with airbrush at all... I practiced a bit, to see what I was maybe going to do... It was kinda fun... and I was dying to take it to the walls of my room! No... I'm not a tagger...
I think I'd gotten the hang of it, so... I brushed on "Snow"... then loved playing with it so much...
... I added a couple of brushes of more ink along the edges. LOVE that look! My writing doesn't look too shabby either!
I put Olaf back on top of his card! He refused to stay down YES! There is glue on him! So...
I rolled over him! Place a clear plastic piece (so you can see what you're doing) over your item to glue down, and brayer it! (I do this with my Cricut and other mats, too...) Then just blot the excess glue that squeegees out... and you're good to go!
See? Much better...
He didn't seem quite complete, so I tickled him all over Stickled him in key spots...
And now he's awesome!

Up next is Holli! She always has something fabulous to share!

Thanks for stopping by! I sure hope you enjoy our Winter Wonderland today. I sure enjoyed him making an Olaf card. Don't forget to comment (and if you comment on all of the hoppers today, you are eligible to win a class from Catherin Pooler [I know I'd LOVE it!]) and come back and see me sometime! Have a brilliant weekend!

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  1. super cute cute snowman TFS and creative idea

  2. Super Cute! You can never go wrong with Olaf!!!! And don't you worry your pretty little head Frozen is never out! Just ask any of my 9, yeppers 9 grandchildren. They watched it so often the disc started skipping and I was so very excited (I mean upset) that it wasn't working anymore. I actually bought another. LOL

  3. So cute! Glad to see I'm not the only one with purchases just sitting, untouched. I have a Curio that's been here since they first came out. Thanks so much for that tip about gluing pieces down...I never thought of that and it's genius!

  4. Not a Frozen fan, but that is a cute Olaf!

  5. Your card is wonderful! Thank you for the step by step!

  6. Very "cool" project!!!! Love that Olaf!!!!

  7. That's so neat! Love the air brushing technique. I agree Olaf is pretty awesome!'

  8. Thanks for taking us through that. He is adorable and I love the way the brushing turned out. If I wasn't downsizing my craft room, I might think of investing in one of those cool things. Great job.

  9. He turned out so well! TFS It's nice to know someone else makes mistakes like I do!

  10. Olaf is adorable! I enjoy your blog so much in these hops.

  11. Love Olaf too....I glued him together many times by now and you don't want to know what the first few looked like LOL....

  12. He looks awesome! thanks for sharing!

  13. So much detail in your post, thank you for going to the trouble of making a tutorial - hopefully others with this kits will find it helpful!

  14. Too cute - and you made me laugh!

  15. I always look forward to your your humor! :) Great job on Olaf!

  16. Adorable!

  17. It's so cool how you did the "snow" on the card. Very cute.


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