Friday, June 6, 2014

Summer's Soon to Be... And Life's Lessons Part I

Of course. As it happens every year. The time has flown by. It seems we just started the school year last August (yes... we do start THAT early, here...). And it's already almost the last week of 2014's school year. Wow.

I feel "all over the place". Thoughts aren't together. Easily distracted. So much has happened. So much going on. No time for anything.

My peaches have come and gone... it really was a quick season.

I'm working in a high school this year. It's bittersweet. I get to know so many kids that I may never see again. They say they'll come back to visit, but we shall see. I'll miss 'em. I certainly hope they succeed in life, no matter what they choose to do, knowing I tried to help them. It's sad...

Squirrel!!!!! It reminds me of when all of my older kids graduated. They grow up way too fast for words. With them now at the ages of 25, 22, 21 and 20 and all having jobs and lives of their own, I breathe happily, knowing they are (for the most part) adults on their way to success. But... I still miss having them around. I see their huge mistakes and I cringe inside. Often, I do tell them about it. They may not like what I have to say, but one day... hopefully they'll put the pieces together and figure it all out.

My mom disagrees with this strategy. She feels I shouldn't say anything. And just let them learn. She pointed out to me just the other day that she didn't say a word when I was having problems in my first marriage (I was being abused physically and mentally...) and lots of signs were there. I firmly believe I would have left that situation a lot sooner and been happier because of it. She may not have said anything to me (not even when I left... the first time), but others did.

They may not have said what you are thinking they probably said. Not one person told me to leave.

Many suggested counseling (which we'd already been through...).

All told me to stay. That it would be bad for the kids if I left him. Marriage is forever... they told me.

I was miserable. I was beaten regularly. My head was put through a wall. I was told that I was fat and ugly. I was told nobody would ever want me. I was told I was nobody without him...

I've come a long way. I am somebody. (I'll finish that tale another day...)

In the meantime, summer break begins for us next week. And I have a nine-year-old and some older kids. I will continue to share my experiences with them, so they may learn from my mistakes, as well. They may or may not get it. They may continue to go down a rocky path or climb the smoother scenic one. Who knows. No matter what, I'll continue to parent. And that's ok.

Our plans for summer this year are quite crazy. We only have 2 months. It's not okay. But there's nothing we can do about it.

So... the hubster has the first week off. I'll let him schedule most of that, as he takes issue if I make plans (tee hee!). Then... swim meets here and there, Marissa will swim with the dolphins.

We'll go to Sea World several times, I'm sure (thank goodness for passes!). I believe the Queen Mary is on our to-do list (twice... once with the hubster and once with my mom), as we've never "been there, done that". And I've lived in So Cal most of my life! Swim lessons (at least 2 sessions) and art lessons are on the list for Marissa, as well as joining the Summer Reading Program at our local library.

As for personal goals for me? Um... start writing again... re-vamp the blog... re-organize the craftroom... make things... read... garden... and maybe... paint a room (I think the hallway bath is my target.) We shall see... There's really not much time to do it all in, and I really truly do feel a tad overwhelmed at just seeing it all in print. (and just between you and me... I'd really really REALLY like to re-organize all my file cabinet. it drives me cuckoo...)

More life lessons to come... a review of Malificent (we just saw it today! Squeee!)... and much much more. I really do intend to write more this summer. Priorities will be restored! So... be sure to come back often this summer. We'll share each other's adventures. Please feel free to do just that!

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