Monday, January 28, 2013

How 'Bout Them Pies? (Part I)

A while ago, I wrote about what the past months have been like. I believe I said I was going to attempt some pot pies. Well... I DID!!! The only problem was... it took me a looonnnggg time to download the pics. But I've got it all for you today.  Hooray! So here's the how and why...

Around the holidays, I found a beautiful white Crate & Barrel box on my front porch. It was addressed to me. My reaction? "Um... I didn't order anything, did I?" "Crap! What have I done?!!!" and so... I brought the box in. I did not open it for a couple of days for fear I would find some horrible mistake I'd made. I couldn't afford to purchase anything for myself during this time of year... what the heck was I thinking? and I'd have to scrounge together money to ship it back, and.. and... and the list went on.

And so... one day, I finally OPENED the box. To find a sweet little note atop a cute gift. A fellow official I'd met in December thought of me when she saw THIS:
and thought I might be able to use it. Wow! I was shocked and flattered and... crying! I blubbered like a baby, I was so overcome with emotion. Needless to say, this was completely unexpected. [We'd been catered-to at a swim meet with some of the best food imaginable on a pool deck, including... (you guessed it!) pot pies. They were chicken at the time, but we talked about recipes, fillings, cheater crusts (puff pastry being one...) and the like. It was fun!]

I just needed a little time to do something with them, and a free sane moment or two.

That came at the beginning of this year, and here we are nearly a month later... with the post that should have been.

So... let's begin. The first set (of pot pies)... I cheated. I admit it. My friend was the Pillsbury Doughboy. That ready-made crust that just needs to sit for a bit and then be cut and filled and popped into the office is just the thing when you need it.

I cut out 4 bottoms and 4 tops with the cutter that was provided (see how cute it all is?).

Placing the pie cavities with the cut pastry, and pressing them in... *IMPORTANT NOTE: IF YOU HAVE LONG FINGERNAILS, CUT THEM. Try to use your fingertip pads as much as possible, so as not to puncture the pastry dough. (Prevents filling leakage and the like.) I had nails puncturing, and I had to do some quick finger-pressing surgery to mend the holes and tears. Enough said...
 Then... filled 'em up!
 Placed the top crust on... and sealed the deal! (use a little water and rub it [with your fingertip] around the perimeter... helps to seal as you press it down onto the bottom crust.)
 And BAKE! (okay, so maybe a little less filling next time, but I really like the rustic look of the pies, and fullness, as well...)
 Just a little more up close...
 Look at those beautiful bottoms! Perfect!

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