Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A New Year!!! Welcome 2013

Whew! It's been a crazy fast-paced year, 2012 was... and I let all of that and more overwhelm me.

But let's be honest here. We all make resolutions at some point during the year, whether it's at the fresh start of the New Year, or further on down the line.  So, I'm not making a resolution, so much as promising myself (and you) to get back on track... or at least a little more so.

My last post was in October. Ugh. That was a long time ago.  At least in followering and writing terms. A lot has happened, and a lot more will happen.  Such is life. I may or may not post somethings I worked on or did during that time, but, I was busy, just like all of you.

Right now... I just dropped off the middle child at school (yes, my 19-year-old started the Culinary Academy today!), and am sitting quiety here (at home) typing in this post. I'm waiting for my lazy-purchased pie crust to come to room temperature so I can roll out the dough and make some mini beef and mushroom potpies.  Recipes? you ask... um... let's see how they turn out first.

My goals today are to:

1.  Make tamales (with stuff I've been hoarding).
2.  Complete these potpies. (I've got turkey to do, as well...)
3.  Clean a bit of the craftwomb. (Wholly guacamole! If you could see inside there right now, you'd wonder how I possibly got ANYTHING done during the holiday season. Maybe I'll post before and after pics later.)
4. Walk a little.
5.  Do a weigh-in with My Pink Loser... (we'll see about that one...)
6.  Pick up above-mentioned child.
7.  Keep my mind and sanity intact.

Do we think I can do it? We'll see... while the youngest is still sleeping (she doesn't go back to school/I don't go back to work [if I still have a job...] until January 14th), I'll see how much I can actually get accomplished.

But just know that I'm welcoming 2013 with a fresh breath and fresh mind. I'll be updating more and being a little more open-minded about getting rid of things... You never know what will happen.  Have a wonderful day, and please... let me know what your goals for the day are. And what you actually able to do.

Gotta run... pie crust should be ready... Toodles!

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