Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wordless/full Wednesday; What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday, etc.

It's been a LOOONNNGGG time since I participated in these, but... here I am, and here you are, too. Woohoo!

Wordless/Wordfull... it's all what you make of it. As my camera is downloading 517 pics (see, I haven't been just neglecting you or my blog... I've not been doing other things I should have either...), I'm sure there's something to be said for all of them.

Uh... my middle child graduated, my oldest finally got a job after an almost full year hiatus of not doing anything. I had issues with lots of things... school district employment (mine... don't get me started...), crafting machines dying on me (who's got money to replace them?!!! that's right... I do... I'ts called Amazon CREDIT.). Now the printer's down AGAIN. (I've had 4 replacement printers from HP... and the latest one just went out yesterday... ugh!)

Still waiting for those pics to download... thought this was going to be a quickie post. Geez! I've got things to do! We're going to Yucaipa Regional Park today to meet up with an old friend and her family, who are camping there. Who'd'a thunk it would cost $20 to go swimming? ($7 for the car to get in, and $4 each person to swim... EEK!) And I'm leaving in 40 minutes!!!! (sure i am...)

OK. Pics are done downloading... Here's something you can add words to... or not...


In case you can't tell... our house got tee-peed. I remember when we used to do this for pop-warner or band, or just friends. Back then in the day, it was ok to do it. We all had permission from the parents and knew what it meant. I was leaving for work (yes... I work...) on a beautiful Saturday morning, and this greeted me, backing up out of the garage. I believe it was sometime in May. My daughter assures me she hasn't done anything to anyone.

Fun memories, and I made her take pics, because I had to get going I was already running late.

And in case you're wondering where that beautiful morning sky is in the background, we're in Southern California. Inland Empire. And it was a beautiful day. Luckily, the job I was going to allows me to walk around in the sunshine all day... on a pool deck. And I L-O-V-E it!

On my Workdesk Wednesday... Here ya go! The question is NOT "What's on Your Workdesk?" It should be "What's NOT on Your Workdesk?" (I'm so far behind and the craftroom is SUCH a freakin' disaster, that I'm hoping this post gets my boo-tay going and it'll be done before the weekend? uh. huh... Don't hold your breath...)

Lots of cleanup, lots of projects, lots of inspiration? Check back with me later... I'm linking up to lots of people (later), as I've got to run, so... I'll do what I can for now. See ya!

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  1. Well first of all Lisa, I wanna know what job you have that you walk around in the sunshine all day?? Lucky you! Laughed at your TP glad (so hope) we are all over that!!
    What are you talking about a mess on your work table?? That's CREATIVITY in the making! up those creative thoughts and come join in at My Cricut Craftroom!


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