Thursday, June 21, 2012

Mama's Losin' It (Writing Prompt): 5.) Share something you learned embarrassingly late in life.

Wow. I know I haven't done much as of late... My mo and my jo just haven't been with me. Like everyone else in this world, I've been feeling overwhelmed and just not with it. But last night... I was on a Ustream of Erica's Craft Room, learning about refreshing my mind with Blogger deets. I met a wonderful person (Hi, Teresa!) of Create Joy Share that encouraged me to get back on the bloggin' horse. So... here I am. AND! Since it's Thursday, and I "used" to do the writing prompts via Mama Kat, well... I thought I'd start there.

This week's writing prompt that I've chosen? Um... a rather embarrassing one: 5.)   Share something you learned embarrassingly late in life.

Many years ago, I was talking. (Yes, I talk. I talk a lot, so suffice it to say that I was talking...) We (my family) were talking about something... I don't remember what.  But apparently, the subject of "wolf" came up. I listened, and then had to put my two cents in the ring, as well. Only, I didn't pronounce it "woolf" (with an emphasis on the "l"), I pronounced it "wuf" (with a short vowel sound).

And everybody. Laughed. and Laughed. And Laughed...

My whole life I've been saying it this way. And no one said a thing. But somewhere in my 30's, people (my family especially) finally noticed and decided that it was wrong. and f-u-n-n-y. Why no one ever tried correcting this before, I'll never know, but... all of a sudden, something I've been saying forever is incorrect.

Now, I'm not perfect (but don't tell that to my kids...), and I know it. But... as many classes as I've taken, and conversations I've had, you'd a thunk it might should have been caught long before now. And so...

I occasionally catch myself doing it sometimes; you know it's really hard to emphasize that "l", and I must have a lazy mouth! Almost every time I see my family, it has to come up again somehow. They enjoy poking fun at me. What. Ev. Er...

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  1. lol! I m is pronounce words all the time...ALL THE TIME! LOL!

    Thanks for the giggle...


  2. We have family discussions on pronunciation all the time. For instance, is it "wash" or "worsh," "egg" or "aig"? You get the idea. Of course, my way of saying it is right - the rest of them are hicks. LOL.

  3. I knew I liked your right away, Lisa! I am known for pronouncing words incorectly- - - or "my way". Silly thing is, most of the time, I DO KNOW the word, using it correctly, but try as I might, it doesn't come out the way others may say it.'s MY WAY! Who says who's correct? LOL!!
    I was thrilled to see you post and how exciting you mentioned me! I am so happy our conversation got you to get at it! Now, on to crafty things! TRY OUT for our team! You have my "vote"! :) It was so nice talking with you last night!

  4. You're not of the other cub scout den mothers called it the Wuf pack. ;) When my SIL used a word wrong -- cellular for solar screen, K-Mark for K-Mart, Long Mtn for Lone Mtn -- I would casually say it the right way in hopes she would pick up on it so she didn't look so bad. Never changed.

    Do you say Yuge instead of Huge? ;)
    Thanks for stopping by -- our blog is a one-stop blog, too.

  5. I didn't how to ride a bike, use bleach in a washing machine or spell y'all until embarrassingly recently. So you're not alone :) Glad to find you via Mama Kat. This was the first prompt I've done in a long to e too!

  6. I can totally relate to your story! I'm an English teacher, and because of that I get really subconscious about my writing and speaking sometimes. We all make mistakes, and sometimes we're just in too much of a rush to be perfect. One day we were at a get together, and I said "expecially," followed by whatever it was I was about to say. My friend jumped in and said, "The word is especially, pronounced with an s not an x." I know that, but it's not something that has ever been corrected in my speech. It was really embarrassing in a group of people. I feel for you!

  7. My mom says "rut beer" instead of root beer. Funny thing is she pronounces "roof" correctly.


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