Thursday, July 29, 2010

Do you like the New Background?

I'm not so sure I do. I was totally happy with what I had before... but... apparently... My design was removed from Photobucket, so I had to choose a new one. And... I (being the lazy blogger that I am with not much patience lately and the inclination to get frustrated SO QUICKLY) decided to go with this one, since I didn't have to change any font colors this way. There were others I liked better, but this one showed everything without change, so... Here ya go! Maybe one day... I'll get back in the groove and seriously do something about it, but this is it... for now.

Thanks to the Cutest Blog on the Block for the awesome choices of layouts and backgrounds for free. I'd be totally lost without you!

I promise you all... there will be an update on all things (well... almost...) very soon. I'm working on it! Toodles! lisa

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