Thursday, June 17, 2010

Laundry Days

The clothes pile up
Everyday of the week
Don't want to do it
Turning my cheek

I have to do it
It piles up that way
Don't want to do it
I want to say

It's just sitting there
Looking at me
Those dirty socks
That worn T

Clean us
They constantly plea
Put us in the washer
Let us be free

To tumble around
To mix with clean stuff
When the cycle goes off
We've had enough

Hmm... I guess
It's not that bad
To wash them now
They look so sad

And forlorn
In a pile like that
Waiting, watching
From where I sat

I'm now up
and sorting through
All the piles
As I should do

I need to give them
A clean life
To make a good mother
And a good wife

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