Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Completely Yummy GiveAway!

I took a break from blogging and was extremely intermittent with it all, until yesterday... when challenges hit me and I blogged about it.

Today, a super yummy fantabulous-tasting give-away is tempting me yet again. I would love to sink my teeth and gum away at the flavors alone! Michelle Phillipi is a most excellent card maker. She is also an excellent food (and snack) connoisseur. And I share her in most every taste she's blogged about. Whelp... TODAY she is sharing her tasteful finds (from Julian's Gourmet in NY). And you could win, too! Check it out at Inside My Own Private Idaho, but don't just check out this give-away... check out her awesomeness! Whether it's couponing, cards, or other artistic and creative skills, she's got it all! (and I miss her!)

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