Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Agua Caliente Trip - Day Two

And here is a continuation of our trip. If it bores you... move on... lol!
Wednesday, March 25, 2009
And yes, I forgot to bring some things (don't we all!)... the baby's bathing suit was a big one (Don't worry. I told her that babies have to wear "shorts" bathing suits; it's one of the "rules."), a corkscrew (had to bring my wine - Thank God one of them was a screw top!), a can opener (so we didn't have baked beans or tomato sauce - for the rice, etc.) Oh well... can't remember everything.
Tuesday wasn't bad at all, if you don't need a cell phone, texting, a computer and your friends... I don't! A few days away is a great thing. But there are those that just constantly complain. Juan's kids (Jr & Renee) did just that.
As a matter of fact, they are cutting the trip short and leaving today for those very reasons. Poor Juan... Jr also forgot his deodorant, toothbrush and "flavor" (tobacco) for his Hooka (He insists this is not smoking!). Great...
Renee just super misses texting.
My cell phone just sits in my car... no worries, no pain, no wistfulness of days gone by or phone calls not received or made...
Back to yesterday...
I got the baby to go into the wading pool. Turns out - she didn't want to go Monday because she saw this "lady making kids count" and she didn't want to have to count. She loved it. I can't get her into a pool at home, but this is a wading pool, and she can touch the bottom and have a lot hang out, still. Yippee!
The kids came from the big pool, saying it was way too cold. That's what all the other campers say, too. The wading pool is about 90. They are both supposed to be 90.
I went to the "therapy" pool (jacuzzi to me) for a little bit... NICE...
Ugh. You'd think I could get my own coffee right... too much sugar! (Drinking coffee right now...)
By the time I got back to the wading pool, the baby's toes were scraped on the bottom (the pool is very roughly finished). So she complained all day. Oh! And I forgot more - bandaids and Tylenol.
Everyone but Jr had a good time in the pools. Jr didn't go in at all.
We played games (Bullshit, Solitaire, Yatzee). We played frisbee. The girls caught softballs.
Rey fell from the hammock that Juan had bought... the manufactured knots came out. It was hilarious! Thump! Right on her back. No, she wasn't hurt and didn't play it up either.
Then the hammock got fixed. We found a place the baby could fall asleep in! Yeah!
We rode bikes around the campground (the hills are tiring... I'm SO out of shape...).
Burgers were for dinner. Since Mom forgot the potato salad and salsa, we just had chips with it.
The baby was watching movies in the car. The battery went dead. That's ok. We used Jr's car to charge it up... So the baby watched movies in the tent. Until bedtime. (She didn't want to walk with her toes like that.) After the fire and s'mores, she went right to sleep with me.
The hammock was a big attraction for all the kids and Juan. I'll pass, but it was nice watching each of them in it. They'd swing, kick back, sleep and, overall, have a good time.
Jr was originally supposed to leave Thursday and Renee stay, but they've been sort of (very much) complaining a lot. Of course it irks me. Juan bought extra stuff just for them when they said they were coming. The complaining also get to me, but of course, they've made excuses as to why they have to leave.

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