Friday, December 16, 2016

Last-Minute Gifts Blog Hop

Welcome to the Last Minute Gifts Blog Hop!  You should have arrived from Holli's Blog what a great name to have at this time of year!. If you are lost this is the beginning Alicia's blog.  As we approach the holiday season, I am sure we are all scrambling to find unique gift ideas. We hope as you hop along you are inspired by each bloggers ideas.

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Now on with the hop!

Now, now... if you know me or even if you don't know me and think you do, you may know think that "I" am the Ultimate Procrastinator... the Queen of Procrastination... By all means... get the words out while you can, because I don't take it personally. 

We all have so much going on (I know I do!), that it's hard to remember everything at every moment, so sometimes... someone/something slips through the cracks. NOT TODAY, FOLKS! This is how you cope with that last-minute-putting-together-little-something. I do it all.the.time.

First things first. Duh. Why do people say that anyway? Have little things around. Purchase yummy smelling candles and smallish, quality items that can always be put together in a basket-type things. 

Make lots of little "french-fry" bags, ready to go... (I made these in my Christmas-in-July post... using We R Memory Keepers; click here to find out how! using We R Memory Keepers; click here to find out how!) Add labels, insert candycanes and more tags tags are all the rage!, put it in a dollar-section little gift bucket, and voila! You've got a "last-minute" gift... to GO!
And then... if you're like some people I may know or not know... Food gifts are definitely the way to go. This is a simple (but festive-looking) delicious braid. Absolutely ANYONE can do it even my less than culinary friends!

Open up 2 cans of COLD refrigerated crescent roll dough (Pillsbury works best... and NO, I'm not paid to say that...) Separate the dough into the triangles; lay them out like the picture, overlapping them; pat the center down but if you're OCD like me, you can roll it... what the heck... it's just one more thing to wash, no biggie...). Mix together 1/3 cup powdered sugar with 8 oz. softened cream cheese. Spread down the center of your masterpiece. Scoop pie filling (this is Comstock Cherry Pie Filling) on top of the cream cheese follow the picture as a guide, folks... 
Starting at the "top," fold across the corners of the dough to the other side, until they are all folded over and it makes a faux braid. Pinch the top and bottom ends "closed." If you'd like an egg wash (to make it shiny and pretty and sparkly...), simply beat up and egg and brush it all over the pastry. Bake at 375F for approximately 22 minutes, or until golden brown all over.
Doesn't that look DE-LISH??? I honestly don't know who wouldn't want that!

FYI, if you'd like to make it a cream-cheese only (no fruit filling), increase the powdered sugar to 1/2 cup. That's all there is to it. Simply said... It's awesome! Sometimes, I have to make two... otherwise the person I was going to gift to never gets it... if you know what I mean... 

Next up is Jearise! She's always so much fun! Have a Jolly Holly-day with her!

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  1. Wow! Great ideas!!! You make it look so easy! Ask yummy! Thanks so much for participating!


  2. Lisa First things first ;-) I love the idea of collecting little trinkets throughout the year to take advantages of sales, etc! And having box or bag go-to's...another genius idea. And I love your recipe idea (what can I say, I'm a foodie)! It looks like it took hours to make...reminds me of that cooking show featuring semi-homemade things. I have thoroughly enjoyed hopping with you this last year and look forward to another great year to come.

  3. I love your last minute gift pail but I have to say that that dessert is making my mouth water and I have to try it! Thanks for sharing to great ideas for those last minute gifts.

  4. Wonderful last minute gift ideas!! Yummy stuff to munch on too.


  5. From one procrastinator to another, I feel your pain. Having things on hand is a good idea, if I can remember that I have them, lol. The braid looks so good.

  6. Great ideas! Your cherry dessert does look good! I must say I'm a procrastinator as well. Thanks for the early morning laughs@ 😊

  7. Your last minute gifts are super! The braid dough looks yummy.

  8. That is fantastic! I love it I think I might try your Awsome braid.

  9. Ohh that braid is looking yummy!! Fun gift idea!

  10. Feel free to send one of those to me :) It looks super yummy!
    Merry Christmas!


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